What’s the point of going to the movies anymore when you can just stream things from the comfort of your own home? Let’s face it, standard theaters are all the same these days. Some cinemas have better sound systems or comfier seats, but they really are pretty basic. However, the 4DX theaters are disrupting the tired, old theater experience and giving movie-goers an ultimate viewing experience. 4DX is the only reason to hit the theaters because it provides a sensory experience one will not soon forget.

Imagine you could feel all the sensations of a visceral movie like It. If you could feel the elements and experience the setting. The weather and the wind when a character is riding their bike. With 4DX, the audience becomes a part of the story’s environment. The theater’s innovative technology literally turns the film into a ride. And all those scary moments in when a killer jumps out of nowhere in horror films, well, you feel that with a burst of air behind you accompanied by your chair vibrating. It’s the equivalent of having that one jerk friend who grabs you during the scary moments. I had the pleasure of experiencing It in 4DX and it was game-changing.

I saw It in standard theaters, but this was a thousand times better. The chair vibrates and moves with the camera during fight scenes and the entire experience employs motion to give the audience an “absolute cinema experience.” The simulated weather isn’t anything significant enough to where audience members will get soaked. But it happens to be just enough to give a more authentic viewing of the film. During one of the iconic scenes in the movie, the audience feels as if they are outside in the rain with Georgie as he chases his paper boat to sewer when we are first introduced to the evil clown Pennywise.

Pennywise doesn’t jump out in 3D (thank goodness) but when he comes after the characters in the film its accompanied by physical sensations all around you. It literally scares the crap out of even the most stoic audience member. And if you have a problem falling asleep in movies…. forget about it. With 4DX, snoozing is virtually impossible.

While 4DX may not work with every film, during It, 4DX turns the movie into one hell of a ride. In short, 4DX is the cinema of the future. If there is ever an option to see another horror movie in 4DX, I will always choose that over the standard theater. I can’t wait to check out an action film in these state-of-the-art cinemas to see how it compares. 4DX doesn’t necessarily have the power to make a bad film good. But it certain does enhance the story that is being told on-screen. I wouldn’t describe 4DX as anything less than revolutionary.