Geostorm is just a big ball of disaster fun, complete with lots of city destruction, ultra high risks – and a giant space station that’s ready to explode. But here’s the scary thing: This could theoretically happen.

The premise revolves around the fact climate change has reached a critical point on Earth, with natural disasters killing thousands of people in one fell swoop. Something has to be done or we are all toast. In steps Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), a brilliant American Geo engineer who constructs a machine called Dutch Boy, which uses hundreds of weather-controlling satellites to stop the disasters and acts as a blanket over the planet – and it works! But Lawson is also a hot head and doesn’t want to be be dictated to by the US government, so they fire Jake and hire Jake’s brother, Max (Jim Sturgess), to run Dutch Boy.

Jump ahead several years and suddenly disastrous weather anomalies are springing up all over, leading the higher ups to believe Dutch Boy is malfunctioning. Max has to bring Jake back on board to figure out the problem, and they soon discover the malfunctions are actually deliberate. Someone is using Dutch Boy as a weapon! They better find out who and fast before a massive geostorm is created that will completely destroy most of the planet.

ScreenPicks’ Kit Bowen had a chance to chat with stars Jim Sturgess and Abbie Cornish – who plays Max’s girlfriend, a Secret Service agent – about the very serious reality of Geo engineering and how technology might be created for good but, in wrong hands, can turn deadly. And how humanity needs to band together to stop global warming before we have to resort to a Dutch Boy.

Check it out!

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