Jane starts a new journey on the season 4 premiere of Jane the Virgin.

As the narrator so kindly reminds us, a lot happened during last season’s finale. Though, Jane’s first love, Adam, was perhaps the biggest surprise. You’ll recall that he found Michael’s letter from three years ago and also that he and Jane reunited amid dozens of paper cranes. We pick up right where we left off, at Xo and Rogelio’s wedding, with Jane agreeing to catch up with Adam. Before things really take off, Xo, Alba, and Rog spot them, and Adam’s own narrator, naturally, shares the former lovebirds’ story:

When Jane and Adam were nineteen, they fell in love and almost got married. Adam broke it off just before their wedding, citing their ages. Jane was devastated at the time, but as we know, bounced back by her twenty-first birthday. Xo and Alba were not fans of young Adam, even admitting later that they told him not to marry Jane, which takes us…

Back to the present, where Jane and Adam not only catch up but briefly skinny-dip. They also make plans to see each other the next night. Xo and Alba point out that Jane was ready to declare her feelings for Rafael only hours before, but Jane goes on the date anyway. There, Adam tries to show her the constellations, and she sees one alright. Unfortunately, it’s got Rafael’s face on it. She apologizes and tells Adam that she needs to figure things out with her baby daddy first.

Conveniently, Raf’s staying at the Villanueva’s because Luisa kicked him out of the Marbella. You know, standard sibling problems. He leaves a note for Jane on a glass of wine saying he’s in the shower. Jane, in an impressively bold move, disrobes and gets ready to join him…only for Rafael to start talking about Mateo. Realizing she completely misread the situation, Jane gets dressed. Soon after, a conversation about Mateo’s school gets out of hand quickly. It ends with Rafael admitting that he doesn’t want Mateo to live the way Jane did as a kid. Jane hits back hard, saying she’d be ashamed if Mateo grew up to have Rafael’s relationship with money. Potential shower sex has never gone downhill so quickly. In fact, Jane calls Adam for another date, and Rafael works things out with Petra.

Truthfully, Petra deserved a bit of happiness. She started her season not skinny-dipping like Jane but swimming to shore after surviving yet another attempted murder. She makes it by knocking Aneska into the ocean, leaving her sister presumed dead. However, she has to do some even quicker thinking back at the Marbella when Luisa tracks her down. Raf’s sis asks about “Petra,” so Petra pulls off her best evil twin impression. It turns out that Aneska was supposed to put Petra in a storage locker so she could sign over her hotel shares. Petra manages to use the ruse to her advantage, at least until the very much alive Aneska, ahem, resurfaces at the end of the hour.

Elsewhere, Rogelio’s baby mama drama continues, as Darcy tries to bait him into losing custody. It ends with an unfortunately live Instagram video of Darcy’s sonogram and another of her punching a puppydon’t ask. Unsurprisingly, Xo’s the voice of reason and tells Rogelio that Darcy’s still the mother of his child. He makes up with her just as time, too, because she goes into labor at the end of the premiere. If they continue with the “pregnancy every season” trend, bets on who’s next? They’re running out of ladies!