Jane and Rafael’s love lives get complicated on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week’s hour found Jane and Rafael fighting over her new beau, Adam. Jane, meanwhile, had thoughts of her own about Rafael’s fling with Katherine. On the Adam front, Jane isn’t ready for him to meet Mateo yet. However, she doesn’t have much choice in the matter when Mateo walks in on them making out. Initially, Rafael’s less than pleased but comes around after spending some time with Adam and Mateo. Adam’s really good with the kid, choreographing dances and talking superheroes, the whole shebang. Rogelio notes that “You can’t just introduce a new love interest three-fifths of the way through a series!”, but I gotta say, it’s working for me so far.

Through it all, though, Jane tells Adam to let her know if things are moving too fast. He insists he’s good, at least until Mateo summons him to the porch for a talk. There, he asks Adam not to hurt his mom or die like Michael did. He really doesn’t want to see her cry again. Of course, after that Adam tells Jane he’s panicking a little, finally realizing the weight of their relationship.

Meanwhile, at the Marbella, Rafael swears to both Jane and Petra that his relationship with Katherine is purely business: she’s going to buy the Marbella from Luisa but let Rafael run it. Katherine, though, doesn’t get the memo and tells Jane she’s going to be in Raf’s life for a very long time. Magda and Aneska get in on the action, too, switching allegiance from Luisa to Petra after the latter offers them more money. As the narrator notes, Petra was caught between “a Czech and a hard place.” Luisa, of course, has a new plan of her own: burn the Marbella to the ground and claim the insurance money. Classic telenovela move.

Finally, Rogelio and Xo deal with Darci and Esteban, who are now very hot and heavy. Esteban even suggests that Darci try a home birth, going against Rogelio’s preference for the Ricky Martin Birthing Suite. Darci insists she wants the home birth, and Xo even backs her on it eventually. This leads to a truly spectacular scene where both Esteban and Rogelio descend into the birthing tub shirtless, naturally, and coach Darci through her labor. At the end of the hour, Jane’s delighted to hear she has a (currently nameless) little sister.