Jane and Adam take a big step forward on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

“Chapter Sixty-Six” dealt in part with Jane’s inner struggle between “Fun Jane” and “Mom Jane.” With Adam, she gets to be “Fun Jane,” playing beer pong and roof ball. However, that compartmentalizing doesn’t work so well when Adam gets a job offer in California. He asks Jane what she wants him to do, and Jane…has no idea. Instead of choosing, she literally throws herself into the fun, casual aspect of their relationship. Unfortunately, this lands her in the hospital with a broken leg. Afterward, Adam draws her the sweetest comic of their future life together, leading her to finally admit that she wants him to stay. Have you seen Adam? I can’t blame her.

Jane also continues her battle with Rafael over Mateo’s school. She’s not happy with her district’s public school option. However, she misses her appointment at a Catholic school thanks to her leg. Rafael eventually suggests that they use Jane’s parents’ address to get Mateo into the better public school there. Jane thinks that his decision to lie proves how entitled he is. However, a hurt Rafael tells her it was Alba’s idea. Jane talks with Alba, who admits that they did the same thing when Jane was a kid. At the time, Xo and Alba realized how bad Jane’s school was and used a parishioner’s address to get her into a better one. Jane realizes that she’s never had to make that type of decision for Mateo, mainly because of Rafael’s money. She and Rafael have a nice heart-to-heart, and Jane apologizes.

At the Marbella, Rafael and Petra work on securing an investor. She works her ex, Chuck, and him a very flirtatious wealthy woman. Neither of them is too keen on the situation but try their best to communicate their feelings to each other rationally. As the narrator points out, calm, cool, and collected Rafael and Petra are pretty boring compared to regular Rafael and Petra. Though, Rafael does lose the calm part eventually. He tells Petra that she’s cheated before, and he’s worried she’ll do it again. This revelation pushes Petra to break up with him, reasoning that she needs a fresh romantic start. A fresh family start will be a little harder to swing, as her mom pops up at the Marbella yet again. It’s o.k., I’m sure she’s just there to bond with her grandkids.

Elsewhere, Darcy was only in false labor at the end of last week’s episode, so no Baby De La Vega yet. She does, however, have to be on bed rest for a time. Xo and Rog take care of her, and Xo finally lays down the law. She tells Darcy that she and Rog are there for her but only if she drops the attitude. They reach a truce of sorts, but Darcy also ends the hour flirting with Rogelio’s nemesis and new co-star, Esteban, so who knows if it will last?

Lastly, this episode ends with a classic telenovela moment. The narrator warns that one of these people will die: Rafael, Luisa, Aneska, Petra, Alba, or Petra’s mom. As the narrator admits, sometimes it’s fun to go full soap opera.