Belle and Rumple’s story reaches its bittersweet end on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

The aptly titled “Beauty” brought back another fan favorite relationship in Belle and Rumple, but with a twist: instead of teasing a new beginning for the couple, as they did with Emma and Killian, this episode showed the entirety of Belle and Rumple’s life together.

The beginning of the hour picked up with Gideon’s first birthday, where Rumple gives Belle a scrapbook to fill with their future adventures. He also tells her that he wants to rid himself of his Dark One dagger once and for all. He hopes to live the rest of his life with her as a fellow mortal so that they can one day die together. They spend many years looking for a way to make this happen, right up until Gideon reaches adulthood. At that point, Belle finally finds a solution: there’s a place where the brightest sun will eventually set. When that happens, Rumple will be free. Though, he cautions once they arrive, that could take many years.

Recognizing this, Belle reasons that they shouldn’t wait around for the sunset, but rather build a life there. And, they literally do that, crafting their home from scratch, complete with reading nook and a prominent place on the mantle for a certain chipped cup. In an Up-worthy montage, the two live a beautiful life together as Belle grows old, spending time with Gideon and even dancing to their theme one last time. As Belle nears death, Rumple becomes desperate; the sun hasn’t set yet. However, it’s then that Belle reveals the truth: she’s the sun, and the only way they can be together again is if he believes their love is stronger than her death.

After recounting their love story, Belle passes away, and Rumple tells Gideon his plan: he’ll find the Guardian, a person who can take his darkness and get rid of it, thus ensuring he can die and be with Belle. He first encounters Alice in his new journey, though in Hyperion Heights she goes by Tilly.

Tilly, a street girl who’s off her meds, keeps Weaver busy this episode. She taunts him about knowing something he doesn’t, but he refuses to indulge her. She finally shows him the chipped cup she somehow acquired, but that doesn’t jog his memory either. Finally, Tilly shoots Weaver and says that’s what Rumpelstiltskin told her to do. In the hospital, Weaver sees Belle in his mind before waking up. Clearly realizing something’s off, he tells Rogers to let Tilly go.

Elsewhere, Roni and Henry bond over lost love and Halloween cocktails, while Ivy loses Lucy during trick-or-treating. She teams up with Henry to find her, and he even gets her to show her softer side. As a result, Ivy lets Jacinda spend the last hour of trick-or-treating with Lucy, though Henry passes on joining them. Instead, he finds himself at Roni’s with Ivy. Something ill-advised is definitely going to happen there.