Henry and Cinderella join the resistance on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

Once‘s seventh season started to settle into a rhythm with this third episode, switching easily between past adventures in the forest and present ones in Hyperion Heights. It was especially reminiscent of the show’s first season, albeit with a lot of new characters.

In the forest, we pick up after Cinderella flees the ball, as she waits for Henry to join her by the crashed carriage. Instead of Henry, she runs into some palace guards, but Tiana manages to save her. The two take Henry’s motorcycle to a nearby resistance camp, where Cinderella agrees to join the effort to fight Lady Tremaine. Soon after, Henry, Regina, and Hook show up as well, and Tiana’s very excited to hear about Regina’s magic. They make a plan to storm the castle the next day, but in a move anyone who’s watched the last six seasons saw coming, Cinderella sneaks off in the middle of the night instead. At the castle, she finds both a coffin and Lady Tremaine, and their whole torrid history comes out:

When Lady Tremaine’s other daughter, Anastasia, was fourteen, something happened that led to her death. Lady Tremaine blamed Cinderella’s father and arranged for the prince to kill him. Cinderella, however, believes that Anastasia’s death was her fault, making it even more awkward when her stepmother opens the coffin. Inside, Anastasia has been perfectly preserved via magic, and Lady Tremaine says she can be saved with the heart of a true believer: Henry. She tells Cinderella that she must either steal Henry’s heart or watch every member of the resistance die.

Anguished, Cinderella can’t bring herself to take Henry’s heart and instead settles on an older member of the resistance with his own fair share of belief. Regina, who’s always been pretty quick on the uptake, stops Cinderella and tells her there’s another way. She also covers for her with Tiana and the others by saying that she used her magic to look inside the castle. Regina says that’s how she knows there’s a trap, not because Cinderella has already been inside. Or, as Cinderella tells her new friends to call her, just Ella.

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Lucy and Jacinda are still separated but have been trading letters at the well. Both are devastated, then, when Victoria announces her plan to demolish both the well and the garden surrounding it. With Roni and Henry’s encouragement, Jacinda collects signatures to stop the development. However, when Victoria offers her the chance to live with Lucy again, Jacinda burns the petition. Lucy’s devastated, worried her mother isn’t becoming the hero she needs to be. This leads Jacinda to collect the signatures again, thus saving the garden.

Henry, meanwhile, spends most of the hour channeling his inner Emma Swan. Lucy’s nearly as convincing as young Henry was, too, even dragging her dad underground to look for clues. There, she finds a piece of Cinderella’s glass slipper, which she gives to Henry. He seems like he might be inching closer to believing her, but another visit to the cemetery stops him in his tracks. There, he finally sees the graves of his dead wife and daughter, making the glass slipper a distant memory.

Finally, in the episode’s last minutes, Victoria heads to the top of her tower. There, she talks with a chained prisoner and tells her that they can finally bring her beloved Anastasia back. Though, the stranger warns, she may not be happy with the results.