Emma returns on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time

If last week’s premiere introduced us to the new characters this season, then this episode explained what happened to the old ones. There were quite a few surprises, but the hour started in a very familiar location: Storybrooke.

There, some time has passed since Emma and Killian’s wedding. The two are still very happy, but Emma senses that Henry’s getting ready to start his own story. However, before he does that, Killian gives him a message in a bottle. He tells him it will let him reach his family no matter where he is. That time comes many years later in the forest, soon after finding Cinderella’s shoe. Lady Tremaine and her minions kidnap Henry, hoping to force Cinderella’s location out of him. He uses the bottle to call all three of his parents for help, but Regina and Killian arrive sans Emma.

It turns out that neither of them has seen Henry since he left(!), so there’s a lot of gushing about how old he is, how much they miss him, etc. Regina tells him she’s mostly happy, but Killian seems to be hiding some news about him and Emma. Regina and Killian both agree to help Henry track down Cinderella, but Killian runs into someone else instead: his Wish Realm doppelganger. Irritated that Killian got the girl instead of him, Wish Realm Hook knocks him out. He also takes his place, thanks to a bit of skinny magic from Lady Tremaine. Faux Hook then makes up a story about Cinderella skipping town and prepares to head back to Storybrooke with Henry and Regina.

Fortunately, Emma shows up then and says that she couldn’t stay behind. It turns out she’sbonus points if you called itpregnant! This visibly shakes Wish Realm Hook, and he immediately leaves to free Killian. However, Killian already freed himself and stabs his doppelganger. In his defense, he thought Hook was coming back to finish the job. Faux Hook then explains that he lost his daughter long ago and couldn’t bear doing that to someone else. Killian is moved, to the point that he asks Emma to use her magic to save him.

Afterward, Henry says he’s staying behind to continue his search for Cinderella. Emma suggests that he and Wish Realm Hook team up to find his daughter. The real kicker, though, is that Henry suggests Regina stay back as well. He reasons that her story isn’t finished and maybe the ending isn’t in Storybrooke. Emma and Killian then tearfully say their goodbyes and seemingly ride off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, in present-day Hyperion Heights, Victoria asks Rogers and a hilariously denim-clad Weaver to get Henry out of town. Weaver tells Rogers to plant a bracelet on Henry, but he slips Henry’s own swan keychain into his pocket instead. Rogers expects a reprimand from his new partner but learns that it was a morality test of sorts, one that he passed.

Henry also makes things up to Jacinda by getting her into Lucy’s ballet recital. He even spends a little time talking to Rogers afterward. Rogers gives him some information about graves in Seattle, hoping to help Henry track down his family. He also shares something of his own: a memory of a blonde woman saving his life, the same woman from Henry’s book. This seems to confirm that it’s Wish Realm Hook trapped with Henry and Regina in Hyperion Heights, though we’ll have to wait a couple weeks to find out how Rumple ended up there. As they say, all magic comes with a price!