Jane’s book launch gets off to a rocky start on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

“Chapter Seventy” let Gina Rodriguez show off her acting chops even more than usual, with multiple emotional scenes all built around her book release. At the start of the hour, we learn about Jane’s neighborhood bookstore, the place she discovered all of her favorite novels. So when she finally gets the publishing date for Snow Falling, of course she decides to have her book launch party there.

Unfortunately, days before the big event, Jane finds out the store went out of business thanks to a rent hike. Jane’s disappointed but fine with having it at her publisher’s office instead. Rogelio, of course, isn’t satisfied with that option. He reaches out to Arianna, the editor of People Español, about doing a story on the bookstore, hoping to drum up business with Jane’s party. Naturally, Fabian, Jane and Rogelio’s shared nemesis, gets wind of this and sabotages their plan by seducing Arianna. He then blackmails Jane into writing his last monologue for the show and tells her that if he likes it, he’ll tell Arianna to do the story.

Several rewrites later, Fabian’s finally satisfied, but Arianna still doesn’t show up to the party. Turns out she discovered a photo of Fabian with another girl and backed out. Fabian genuinely feels bad, though, and tweets a few nude photos of him strategically holding Jane’s book. Hilariously, this is what gets Isabel Allende, Jane’s favorite author of all time, to come to the party. Jane’s completely overwhelmed but takes the opportunity to thank Isabel very much for her memoir especially, a book that helped Jane after Michael’s death. Isabel also advises her to “live passionately,” something that leads Jane to Adam’s door…

All episode, Jane struggles with whether she should tell Adam she loves him. She knows she does but worries it’s too early. Adam’s very proud of her new author status but has to miss the book party for work. Jane’s bummed but shows up after the party completely intending to follow Isabel’s advice and finally say those three words. Adam, unfortunately, has some words of his own: he’s moving to California. Devastated, Jane cries on her porch with Xo and Alba. Though, she does eventually say, she didn’t think her heart could ever be broken again after Michael died. Silver linings?

Jane also shares an emotional moment with her dad just after things start to go south at the book launch. Before Fabian’s photos wind up saving the day, she tells Rogeliofairlythat he always takes things too far. As he has before, he tells her it’s just about alleviating guilt for missing so much of her life. However, this time, he also admits that a small part of him wondered if Xo had kept her baby. Even knowing it was possible, he never called. Jane takes it surprisingly well, reasoning that he was sixteen, and she’s ready to move past that guilt part of their relationship. It’s a pretty quick resolution for a bombshell that big, and sure enough, it’s not Jane but Xo who’s incredibly upset by the news. She tells Rogalso fairlythat he let her feel guilty for five years and didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, at the Marbella, Rafael tries to get a job as general manager (basically his old job), but Magda hires him to bartend instead. The fact that Rafael couldn’t pull off that silk screened t-shirt convinces me that no one can. After spotting an inhaler under Magda’s couch, Petra does some digging and finds out that Luisa’s friend really does exist. This leads her to play Aneska and convince her that she’s been working with Magda this whole time. Unfortunately, it’s a move she’ll probably regret, as a Marbella employee later tells a shocked Petra that Aneska hanged herself. Though, as the narrator points out, is that really what happened?