Rafael’s decision has huge consequences on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

“Chapter Sixty-Eight” put Jane and Adam on the back burner a bit, as the two took a week apart. This lets Adam consider just how panicked he is about their relationship. On day six, though, Mateo accidentally ends the break early by FaceTiming Adam. He then invites himself over to look at Adam’s comic books, and Jane and Adam catch up. Unfortunately, an impressive tantrum cuts the visit short. Later on, Adam tells Jane that he thinks he can “put up with that,” meaning Mateo, hardly the choice of words Jane was hoping for.

Jane goes to Alba for advice, assuming she’ll reassure her that she should break things off. Instead, Alba says Adam’s hesitation shows maturity; he realizes that a kid is a big commitment. Jane gives Adam a call afterward, and the two decide to continue their relationship. Jury’s still out on whether or not this is a Michael-caliber love, but they’re certainly growing on me.

Meanwhile, Rafael’s love life is just as complicated, with Katherine, er, Kitty continuing to fall for him as the Marbella deal approaches. Jane’s not pleased about the situation, especially when Katherine meets Mateo and breaks more than a few of Jane’s rules for him. Jane tries to talk to Rafael, but he only has eyes for the money he’ll get back when the deal goes through. She eventually settles on doing the most Jane thing possible: writing Rafael a letter. After a brief and hilarious tussle in the ball pit with Petra, who wants the deal to go through as much as Raf does, Jane delivers the letter verbally instead. She tells him that he shouldn’t use Katherine because he’s a better person than that, to no avail.

Instead, it’s once again Alba’s words that make the difference. Later on, she tells Rafael that he’s going to lose everything that matters in his quest for money. This leads him to finally admit to Katherine that he doesn’t see a future for them romantically. Katherine takes it about as well as you’d expect a character in a telenovela to and hits him with her car. I do like Zen Rafael a lot more than jerky, money-obsessed Rafael, but still, ouch.

Truthfully, the Kitty-Rafael deal may not even matter, as Luisa comes up with a plan to burn down the Marbella for the insurance money. She evacuates the place using termites first, then works with “Carl” to steal a fumigation tube. However, after she runs into Aneska, it becomes clear that Carl’s actually in her head. What’s more, no stranger to crime, Aneska susses out Luisa’s plan immediately and promptly tells Magda.

Elsewhere, Rogelio and Darci try to settle on a name for their baby, considering Amada, Delilah, and Fiona. Naturally, it’s Alba who finally talks some sense into them, saying that the name has to have meaning. They half take her advice, choosing “Baby” as the first name and “Michaelina” (after Michael) as the middle. Rog also makes everyone take part in a photo shoot with the baby, Jane dressed in various big sister costumes, Alba as a wise old owl or “owlba”, and Xo as half of an unlikely animal friendship.

Before her photo shoot, though, Xo stays busy trying to increase enrollment for her dance studio. Facing stiff competition from another studio, she teams up with her high school nemesis, Slutty Crystal, who’s now a voice teacher. It goes about as well as you’d expect, leading Rogelio to volunteer his help in drumming up business. Rog also admits that he’s a little concerned about Xo’s lack of interest in the baby. Luckily, she says she’s just nervous she’ll get sucked into “the baby vortex,” which Rogelio promises won’t happen. I don’t know when these two became the show’s healthiest relationship, but here we are.