Jane hosts Lina’s bachelorette party on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

This hour featured the return of Lina, Jane’s longtime best friend and former co-worker. Lina comes back to town with her fiancé, Danny, so Jane can host their ‘30s murder mystery themed bachelor/bachelorette party. Things run smoothly, at least until Lina asks Jane if she should marry Danny. And after Jane has an awkward conversation with him, Lina surmises that she thinks they’re a bad fit. Soon after, though, Danny shows Jane how well he knows Lina by revealing, among other things, that he plans to go full male stripper at the end of the party. Jane hurries off to tell Lina this, but before she can, Danny figures out that Lina has doubts about their wedding. After a nice heart-to-heart with Jane, Lina makes up with Danny and has bathroom sex in the Marbella. Because why not?

Jane, meanwhile, wrestles with her own revelation after Adam tells her he’s bisexual. Jane really, really wants to be cool with it but doesn’t do a very good job. Instead, she makes awkward comments about pretty much every cute guy they encounter and even makes a pass at Lina. Jane assures Adam she’s acting strangely because he kept it from her. Eventually, though, she admits it’s because of the thing itself. Luckily, Adam reassures her that she’s exactly who he wants right now.

After his literal run-in with Katherine, Rafael recovers at the Villanueva’s. Having seen his life flash before his eyes, Raf tells Jane that he’s considering giving up on his hotel shares and trying something new instead. Before he decides, though, he deals with Luisa. In an impressive game of telephone, Krishna, Petra’s assistant, tells Petra who tells Rafael that she overheard Aneska telling Magda that Luisa’s friend Carl doesn’t exist. This triggers something for Raf, who remembers a doctor “Carla” who Luisa made up during her last nervous breakdown. He convinces Luisa she needs help, and she gives him back his hotel shares as a thank you. Unfortunately, because Luisa was incapacitated at the time, the shares are void and instead return to the last person who had them. That person is, of course, Aneska, who celebrates with Magda and the very real Carl.

Elsewhere, tired of taking the pill, Xo asks Rogelio to get a vasectomy. After a bit of braless convincing—an idea that came from Alba of all people—Rog agrees to it but backs out at the last second. However, after a little reassuring from Xo, he decides to do it. So no more baby Babies it seems.