The identity of Hook’s daughter is revealed on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

We were treated to a double dose of Once this week, which took us to Hyperion Heights, the Forest, the Wish Realm, and Wonderland.Things kicked off with “Eloise Gardener,” where we first flashed back to the Wish Realm, Many Years Ago. There, Hooksurprise!wants his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin. He teams up with Wish Realm Regina to get it; in this realm, she’s been defeated by Snow and Charming and needs safe passage out of the kingdom. In return, Regina tells Hook about a mysterious tower that will help him get his revenge. When he climbs it, he finds, of course, Rapunzel. She makes an immediate impression on Hook, even while clutching a frying pan. Rapunzel tells him about a gold flower that will both help him imprison the crocodile and set her free from her tower.

Hook goes to get the flower, fully planning on heading to the Jolly Roger immediately afterward. Instead, unable to forget Rapunzel, Hook heads back to the tower after retrieving it, and he and Rapunzel share a night together. In the morning, Hook waxes poetic about their time together, only to be interrupted by…a baby’s cry. More than a little confused, Hook starts to understand when Rapunzel transforms into Mother Gothel. It turns out that Rapunzel freed herself years ago and left Gothel in her place. Someone from their bloodline must stay in the tower, and Gothel intends to leave the baby behind.

Hook decides that’s a choice he can’t live with and returns to Smee and Regina, but only to give them the Jolly Roger. He then returns to the tower and sweetly sings a lullaby to his new daughter. Of course, she’ll need a name, he reasons, before settling on his late mother’s: Alice.

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Ivy and Victoria play a most amusing game of cat-and-mouse. Thanks to some dirt left in the tower, Victoria figures out that Ivy is awake and knows about the Witchwho we now know is Mother Gothel. Rogers, meanwhile, continues his Eloise Gardener investigation, with Tilly feeding him false information from Weaver/Victoria. Armed with that knowledge, he uses Ivy’s tracking system to find Victoria in an abandoned warehouse. There, he also finds “Eloise Gardener” or Mother Gothel. He promptly arrests Victoria, though Ivy/Drizella does get a nice, long moment to gloat first.

Meanwhile, at Roni’s, a conflicted Regina gives Jacinda a job, probably in penance for the havoc she’s about to wreak. When Jacinda starts talking about the possibility of getting Lucy back soon, Regina takes the opportunity to quietly mention that new relationships don’t really help in a custody hearing. Jacinda’s disappointed but agrees and backs out of that night’s date with Henry. However, you can practically hear her changing her tune when Henry later reveals that Victoria’s been arrested. Convinced that she now has an easy path to custody, Jacinda races over to Belfry Towers. Unfortunately, social services are waiting there to take Lucy, as there needs to be a proper investigation before she can live with Jacinda.

In the second hour, “Pretty in Blue,” we go back to the Forest, where a grownup Alice reunites with a thrilled Hook. To recap, their hearts were poisoned, ensuring they had to stay apart or risk killing one another. Now, Alice was misled by a sorceresswho we later find out was actually Drizellainto thinking that she was cured. When she and Hook hug, he immediately collapses in pain, and a horrified Alice retreats to Wonderland. Feeling reckless, Ella and Henry follow her. There, Ella follows Alice into the maze and reveals that she had other reasons for coming to Wonderland. Evidently, her mother abandoned their family many years ago for a tea party. However, Alice tells Ella that her mother’s heart was actually poisoned the same way her and Hook’s were. Unwilling to risk hurting her family, Ella’s mother fled and was later killed in Wonderland.

Meanwhile, outside of the maze, Drizella traps Henry with a freezing spella Regina trademark, she notesand in prep for her curse, attempts to poison his heart. Luckily, Alice and Ella get back just in time and save him. Even better, Henry and Ella finally share their first kiss. Afterward, they return to the Forest and give Hook a white knight. He explains that he gave it to Alice when they were first separated. Ella said Alice wanted him to have it because she knows they’ll be together again.

In Hyperion Heights, Regina does her best to help her friends without arousing suspicion. She interrupts a conversation between Drizella and Henry, warning Drizella to stay away from her son. She trashes a cake Mother Gothel made for Rogers, clearly worried it may be poisoned. And, suspecting he’s awake, she lays it all on the table for Weaver. Rumple being Rumple, he feigns innocence, but Regina isn’t buying it. Out of options, she suggests that she and Henry road trip to San Francisco, as she knows someone there who may be able to help. Henry, of course, has no idea why they need help in the first place.

Henry agrees to the trip mostly to distract himself from his love life, as Lucy’s father, now a lawyer, makes an appearance. He’s able to help Jacinda get Lucy back, and both Henry and Sabine wonder if Jacinda still has feelings for him. In the Forest, Henry has much warmer feelings toward the guy: there, he’s Jack, the first friend Henry made after he left Storybrooke.