Tiana’s backstory comes to light on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

“Greenbacks” had a couple of big curse-related twists, but the hour began with one of the show’s patented “Many Years Ago” transitions. In the flashback, we meet Tiana and her mom, whose kingdom has fallen on hard times. Thinking a prince will improve things, Tiana goes to see Dr. Facilier, whom she thinks can help her find one. He tells her to follow the red crow. This suggestion leads her to Prince Marius.

Sparks immediately fly between the two, and Tiana begins to believe her luck is changing. That is until Marius tries to steal her father’s war medal, a precious firefly ruby. The man admits he’s no prince but rather a commoner and that Facilier turned his true love into a frog. Marius says that Facilier requires the ruby, and Tiana, moved by the man’s story, eventually hands it over. This turns the good doctor back into his true sorcerer self, though Tiana still manages to escape with Marius’ lady love-turned-frog. However, after Marius and the frog reunite, it becomes clear that Marius was the cursed one, and he and his froggy love gratefully hop away.

Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Sabine has a hero’s journey of her own. Short on cash, she comes up with a plan to sell her hopefully famous beignets. She devotes her and Jacinda’s entire rent jar to the cause, and her initially concerned roommate eventually comes around to her idea. Unfortunately, Victoria has someone start a fire at Cluck’s, making Jacinda steamed anew at Sabine’s risky plan. Though, with some convincing from Lucy, she eventually realizes the value of Sabine’s big dreams. She even spends the money they made before the fire on a food truck. Two Broke Girls, here we come!

At Roni’s, the titular bartender tries to convince Henry that Ivy is not to be trusted. Not having much luck, she channels her inner manipulative season one Regina and deletes a text from Ivy. Then, when Ivy promises dirt on Victoria, Roni meets her instead. They head to the top of Belfrey Towers but initially find nothing but a tea service. Upon further digging, though, Roni uncovers a picture of her with an unfamiliar kid in a place she doesn’t recognize. Even more mysterious? Her wardrobe.

Afterward, she tells Henry what she did, conceding that they can “maybe” trust Ivy. She also shows him the picture, and he says that the kid is, of course, him. Soon after, it becomes clear that they, in fact, can not trust Ivy, as she speaks to the Witch and reveals that she’s been in charge this whole time. She also happens to know her name is actually Drizella.

Elsewhere, Rogers spends the hour swept up in his lost girl mystery after he finds a guy with a very familiar tattoo. It turns out the same mark was doodled in the diary of the girl, Eloise, who vanished exactly ten years ago. Rogers doesn’t make much headway in the case. However, he does cause the tattooed man to warn someone that a cop’s digging around.