Regina discovers a devastating truth on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

After quite a few weeks of living under the Hyperion Heights curse, one of our original characters finally got a “Wake Up Call” this week. The hour starts in the Enchanted Forest. There, Regina watches Henry and Ella take on some of Lady Tremaine’s goons. Realizing that her son doesn’t need her as much as he once did, Regina instead takes Drizella under her wing. She comes across the evil stepsister in the forest and learns that her magic was stifled as a child. Seeing a bit of herself in Drizellaawful mom and all thatRegina helps foster her magic.

Eventually, Drizella uses that magic to discover that her mother wants to trade Drizella’s heart for Anastasia’s, making it pretty clear which daughter is her favorite. Drizella wants revenge, so Regina tells her about her Dark Curse as a warning of sorts. Instead, Drizella uses it as inspiration. First, she kills her future husband in front of Regina and Lady Tremaine. This makes her heart too black to save Anastasia’s. She then tells Regina that she’s going to cast a dark curse as well. However, she’ll learn from Regina’s mistake and make it unbreakable.

In Hyperion Heights, Roni’s still thrown by the picture she found of her and young Henry. She goes along with Lucy’s plan to do some digging and discovers that there was a Regina Mills who adopted a son in Boston. Roni also tells Henry that adoption is a bit of a sore spot for her; she tried to adopt years ago, but it fell through at the last minute. She’s not sure what to make of everything. Then, Ivy enters the bar and offers some horrible clarity.

To do so, Ivy gives Roni a drink that returns her memories, and Regina slowly remembers the truth about who cast the curse. She also realizes that she doesn’t have magic in this world. Even worse, if the curse gets broken, something terrible will happen to those she loves. After spending the entire episode cheering on Henry and Cinderella, Regina comes to the heartbreaking realization that they can never share true love’s kiss, lest they break the curse.

Elsewhere, Weaver leaves the hospital and gives Roni Henry’s adoption papers, though she now owes him a favor. Meanwhile, Rogers works with Alice on his Eloise Gardner case, and she rather unhelpfully tells him to consider the pieces he already has.