Jane, Xo, and Alba hit the road for Jane’s book tour on the midseason finale of Jane the Virgin.

At the start of the hour, still carrying a tiny bit of anger over her breakup with Adam, Jane leaves for her book tour. Still mad at Rogelio for revealing that he sort of knew about Jane, Xo tags along as well. And Alba, for reasons unknown at the start of the hour, jumps in the car just before they head out. Her mom and grandma warn Jane about tamping down her anger a bit to promote her, you know, romance novel. Unfortunately, at her very first stop, a question about the cover of the book makes Jane cry instead of yell. She also gets her first bad review right after, prompting Xo to suggest a night on the town. There, the three commiserate over dudes, with Alba admitting that Jorge proposed to her out of the blue, and she didn’t know what to say. Tired of wallowing, Jane starts the world’s most adorable dance party.

Back in Miami, Rogelio and Rafael take care of a sick Mateo and debate whether or not to tell Jane. They end up telling Xo and Alba but no one else. Mateo’s fever breaks soon after, so they think they’re out of the woods. Of course, Jane eventually takes a break from dancing to snap a pic with Xo’s phone…and sees the texts about Mateo. She’s furious, at least until Rafael gently tells her that she scares Mateo when he’s sick. Because of the Michael of it all, she tends to fear the worst. When Jane returns home, she actually thanks Rafael for not telling her. And Rafael, taking the advice he’s given Jane many times over the years—“Be brave.”—does just that and kisses her.

At the Marbella, Petra isn’t all that sad about Aneska’s recent death—can’t blame her—but puts on a show at work. She plans the funeral and even cries a little, granted that’s because Anna accidentally squirts perfume in her eye. However, Aneska, who faked her own death Tom Sawyer-style, doesn’t know that. Instead, she thinks Petra’s the only one who cares about her, and her dear sister is more than happy to go along with it. Soon after, though, the twins spill the beans about the perfume, leading Aneska to vow revenge on Petra. Unfortunately, we won’t find out what her plan was, as she falls from the roof just after. This time, though, the narrator swears it will stick.

Finally, at her last tour stop, Jane’s blown away when Michael’s mom shows up, offering her whole-hearted praise for the book and apologizing for making Jane feel like Michael’s death was her fault. Alba, meanwhile, decides to accept Jorge’s proposal but changes her mind when he asks again. At least she didn’t make him wait ‘til January like the rest of us!