Zelena makes her triumphant return on the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time.

“The Eighth Witch” covered a lot of ground, especially in the Forest Realm. There, we flash forward further than we ever have before, to Lucy’s birth. Just after her arrival, Drizella shows up to put a damper on things, telling Henry, Sabine, and the others that their lives will be over once Lucy turns eight. Luckily, they manage to trap her with some blood magic provided by Rapunzel.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last forever, as Mother Gothel and an army of witches show up at Lucy’s eighth birthday party. Together, they wake Drizella and warn the party-goers of an impending curse. Or, rather, brag that there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Regina, however, isn’t quite ready to accept that fate. Instead, she goes to see Zelena and a now grown-up Robin, who made their way to the Forest Realm at some point. Zelena offers to help stop the curse, just as Regina hoped she would. Robin has a vested interested as well in the form of an unnamed new love.

As Regina and Zelena formulate a plan, Henry comes up with one of his own. He takes Lucy to a tree like the one that took Emma to Storybrooke. The plan is for them to escape in the tree before the curse hits. Henry also shows Lucy the book of their stories and tells her that it will help them find their family. He then sends Lucy and Tiger Lily, who brought Henry Gepetto’s ax to use, back to Tiger Lily’s place. As he works on the tree, the witches approach, and he runs to warn Lucy. There, we finally flash to the scene from last season’s finale, where Henry gives Lucy the book and tells her to run.

And run she does, straight back to Jacinda, Regina, and the gang. The entire group storms the witches’ coven, with Regina and Zelena working together to retrieve the scroll required to cast the curse. It’s then, however, that Drizella and Gothel reveal a poisoned Henry, who will only survive if the curse is cast. The witches only need one more ingredient: magic from a witch who crushed the heart of the thing she loved most. So, once again, Regina killing her father comes back to haunt her. Desperate to save Henry, she casts the curse.

Earlier on, both Hook and Alice go to see Rumple for help with the curse. To Alice, he gives the key to his true identity, telling her that giving it to his cursed persona will unlock Rumpelstiltskin. To Hook, he gives a white elephant—very seasonally appropriate—which he says will ensure that Hook’s most important relationship stays intact. Basically, he and Alice will still be father and daughter, even if they’re cursed. However, just before the curse sweeps over the Forest, Ella stands next to Hook and frets about finding Lucy afterward. Hook gives her the elephant instead, sacrificing his relationship with Alice in the process. Alice, meanwhile, reunites with her love just before the curse hits: none other than Robin!

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Lucy’s in a coma because of Anastasia’s return to the living. A terrified Jacinda calls Henry, who rushes back to be at her side. Regina, meanwhile, sticks it out in San Francisco, where she introduced a bemused Henry to a spin instructor named Kelly. Henry, of course, doesn’t know that “Kelly” is really Zelena. Kelly first mistakes Henry for Regina’s boyfriend—“Oh my god. God no! Not my boyfriend!”—then reveals what happened between them. Apparently, Kelly and Roni used to be like sisters until Roni accidentally encouraged Kelly’s daughter to give up her education for some time abroad.

Tired of the charade, Regina slips Zelena a drink that makes her remember who she is. Zelena’s thrilled to be reunited with Regina, but a little bummed about the situation; Kelly was in love, engaged, and genuinely happy. However, Zelena ultimately decides to come back to Hyperion Heights because “that’s what heroes do.” Character development, folks!

Back in Washington, Rumple and Rapunzel work with Anastasia to use her magic to save Lucy, but she doesn’t have much control over it. After a particularly frightening episode, Drizella sweet talks Ana away from the other two and tries to take her magic. However, right after, Drizella realizes that Gothel tricked her, bewitching the vines she used to transfer Drizella’s magic to Ana instead of the other way around. Gothel then takes Ana into a room where the robes of the other witches wait. “The coven of eight will soon be joined,” she says. So, you know, not creepy at all.

Jacinda, meanwhile, asks Henry to read to Lucy from his book. He chooses the part that says any curse can be broken with belief. Breaking down, he tells her that he believes he’s her dad and kisses her forehead. However, she doesn’t wake up, and Regina and Zelena reveal that if both don’t believe in true love, the kiss won’t work. Lucy, who had her belief stolen by Rapunzel, unfortunately doesn’t have it anymore.