Victoria shares her surprising past on this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

This was one of the show’s twistier outings in recent memory, starting off with a Rapunzel-centric flashback. Before getting trapped in the tower, Rapunzel was just a woman with a sick husband, Marcus, and two hungry kids. Desperate to help her family, Rapunzel steals food from a garden. Unfortunately, the garden belongs to Mother Gothel. Instead of killing Rapunzel, Gothel offers her a deal: whatever she wants in exchange for Rapunzel’s family’s happiness. As it turns out, Gothel wants Rapunzel locked in a tower, screaming for her two girls: Drizella and Anastasia!

Six years later, Rapunzel spots lanterns from her tower and uses her now impressively long tresses to escape. She follows the lanterns to her daughters, who are the ones releasing them into the sky. Their blissful reunion is short-lived, though, as Marcus soon appears with Cecilia, his new wife, and Ella, his step-daughter. Rapunzel’s heartbroken, but when Mother Gothel offers her a poisoned mushroom that will make Cecilia leave, she doesn’t use it. However, after several months of feeling like an outsider in her own family, Rapunzel squeezes the mushroom into Cecilia’s lemonade. Sometime afterward, Rapunzel and Marcus reunite, but that’s short-lived as well.

One day, as all three girls play on the ice, Ella chases after their snowman’s hat. Anastasia follows her, the ice cracks, and both girls fall in. Marcus rushes to their aide, but only has time to save one daughter. To Rapunzel’s horror, he chooses Ella. Afterward, Mother Gothel traps Anastasia’s last breath inside of her, but of course, has ulterior motives. She tells Rapunzel that she’s looking for a Guardian, someone who must be pure of heart. She’s ready to use Anastasia, when Rapunzel takes the opportunity to steal Gothel’s magic and trap her instead. Granted, we also know she eventually gets a visit from Killian Jones, so maybe it’s not all bad…

Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Victoria, er, Rapunzel is still in jail. Not for long, though, as she strikes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin, who finally acknowledges his true identity after Rapunzel promises she’ll take him to the Guardian. Rogers is quite suspicious of this turnaround and checks out Weaver’s secret locker. There, he finds his hook, as well as files on pretty much everyone in town. Surprisingly, when he later confronts Weaver, Weaver admits that he’s separated from his wife and trying to find his way back to her. Even more surprising, Rogers instantly believes him.

After Rumpelstiltskin helps her secure Anastasia’s body, Rapunzel goes after the other piece of the puzzle: Lucy’s belief. First, she sets herself up as the good guy and completely rescinds her custody claim. This leads Lucy to trust Rapunzel again. However, soon after, she turns on Lucy. She shows her footage of Jacinda kissing her father and tells her that Henry, still in San Francisco with Regina, isn’t coming back. Lucy cries, and Rapunzel saves one of her tears to wake Anastasia, who looks remarkably good after being frozen for who knows how long. Unfortunately, just as Anastasia awakes, Lucy pulls a Henry Mills and collapses into her mother’s arms.