Jane and Rafael deal with the fallout from their kiss on the midseason premiere of Jane the Virgin.

It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up with Jane and Co., but thankfully, the narrator gets us back up to speed. You’ll recall that Rafael planted one on Jane at the end of the midseason finale, something they had slightly…different reactions to. Rafael excitedly tells Alba it was one for the history books, while Jane admits to Xo that it left her a bit cold. She later confesses the same to Rafael, but instead of it becoming the angst-fest most of us probably anticipated, the two joke throughout the hour about whether Raf is bad at kissing or Jane just hates being taken by surprise.

It’s also Mateo’s first day of kindergarten, so Jane and Rafael deal with the very real consequences of their long-ago plan to use Xo and Rogelio’s address. Namely, not only making Mateo lie but also scrambling to make Xo and Rogelio’s place look like their own for a playdate. Ultimately, Rafael decides he feels too bad about Mateo lying and rents a studio apartment in the same area as Jane’s parents. This also works out because…

After Jane decides that they shouldn’t give their relationship another go, Rafael insists on moving out, reasoning that he needs that space to get over what might have been. However, he might not need that space after all. Following another teasing conversation about what went wrong the first time, the two kiss again, this time with a little more, er, buildup. And this kiss clearly works for both of them. Of course, Mateo chooses that moment to enter the living room, leaving us with a slightly funnier cliffhanger than last episode’s and a moment that will surely delight #1 Jafael ‘shipper Alba.

Speaking of that cliffhanger, immediately after Aneska’s death, Petra tells Rafael what happened, and he insists that she get a lawyer. Krishna choose one whose name happens to be JaneHi, Rosario Dawson!but Petra explains that she’s only meeting with her because of Rafael. However, after a visit from the cops, Petra changes her tune and hires Jane to represent her. She tugs at Jane’s heartstrings a bit, telling her that she has no one: Rafael’s livid after finding out that she knew Carl was real for a week and didn’t tell him. Jane’s intentions, unfortunately, may not be pure; right after their conversation, Jane’s seen talking to someone on the phone, asking “What’s next?”

Elsewhere, Xo and Rogelio go to therapy, and Rogelio unlocks a whole lot of mommy issues. Xo, meanwhile, admits to Alba that her hard-working husband was a bit of an absentee dad, thanks to his long hours. Ultimately, those reveals end up being a good thing for Xo’s relationships with both Alba and Rogelio.

Rogelio also takes Xo’s thoughts about her dad to heart and dramatically turns down the starring role in his telenovela’s sequel. He tells the cast and crew that he’s taking a year off to be a stay-at-home dad, his greatest role yet!