It’s Rogelio vs. Brooke Shields on this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

At the start of this week’s episode, the narrator gives the “Jafael” ‘shippers a shout-out, and yes, this was definitely the chapter for them. After a couple weeks of secret dating (and about seven years of buildup), Jane and Rafael finally decide to have sex. However, Raf insists that they do it right: dinner first, and preferably, in an actual bed. Jane agrees, but the night goes sour when they get in a fight at dinner. They agree to try again the next night, but Alba accidentally makes plans for Jane.

Beforehand, Jane manages to convince Alba to give dating a go, leading her to talk to her church crush. He asks her out, but only as a double date with Jane and his grandson. So, instead of hanging with Rafael, Jane finds herself on a date at the Marbella, with a very jealous Rafael tending bar. After some increasingly steamy text messages, Jane and Raf get in another spat in the restaurant’s backroom but make up again after.

Jane reminds Rafael that they’re very different people: she’s always going to be a bit judgy, and he’s always going to be withdrawn at times. And hilariously, the night they finally have sex is thanks in part to Petra telling Jane how great Raf is in bed. It’s technically part of their writing project interview, but reads more like an unintentional “get it, girl!”

As predicted, Jane and Petra butt heads constantly over Petra’s book, mostly because Petra gets a tiny bit controlling. At one point, they can’t even decide what kind of book it should be. However, they reach a breakthrough eventually, with Jane taking Petra’s advice about being a boss and forcefully reminding her that business is Petra’s thing but writing is her thing.

Petra also continues to make an impact on Jane Ramos this week, showing her soft underbelly, especially when it comes to Magda’s scarily close relationship with the twins. This leads Jane to tell her mystery partner that she’s out because Petra clearly isn’t guilty, to which they respond “Either she goes to jail or you do.” Petra seems to be in the clear with the D.A., that is until someone plants evidence in her room. Petra doesn’t notice, though, mostly because of the very steamy sex dream she had about…Jane Ramos! Is it too much to ask that this happens in real life before one of them gets arrested?

Elsewhere, in a surprisingly sweet subplot, Alba admits that part of the reason she rejected Jorge’s proposal is because she’s nervous to have sex after so long. Jane takes her to a sex shop because of course, that’s a normal outing for grandmothers and granddaughters. There, Jane gifts Alba a vibrator and reminds her that sex for pleasure is more than o.k., regardless of what she was told as a girl. Alba’s side of the double date goes well, too, though she and Jorge do share a meaningful look across the lobby.

Finally, while still feeling sad about his new career choice, Rogelio self-diagnoses himself with male postpartum depression. After an ill-advised tweet and a reply from America’s sweetheart, “River Fields,” Rogelio receives an invitation to debate the topic on The Talk. There, Rogelio earns a last-minute victory during his segment thanks to some well-timed tears. However, he makes a mistake in staying for the wild animals segment that follows, where a continuation of his argument with River causes a wolf freak-out. Don’t worry, according to Rogelio, River only lost a toe. Shockingly, his “chemistry” with River leads to an offer to bring The Passions of Santos to the United States, provided River agrees to be his co-star.