Jane, Petra, Rogelio, and Xo give new careers a try on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin.

This week’s episode picked up immediately following Jane and Rafael’s kiss. Specifically, Mateo walking in on their kiss. The kid’s thrilled at firstcan’t blame himbut gets confused when Raf then moves into his new apartment. Faced with the pressure of not only Mateo but also Xo, Rogelio, and Alba finding out about the kiss, Jane and Rafael aren’t sure how to proceed. Eventually, though, they realize what they really need is private time to figure out their relationship. This leads them to tell the family that they’re going to stay friends, while secretly testing the waters on their own. Oh, and having sex. Lots and lots of sex.

While her romantic life may be looking up, Jane’s professional life isn’t going quite so well. She finds out that her publisher dropped her due to her first book underperforming. This leads Rafael and Petra to get Jane a meeting with Petra’s publishing friend. Jane agrees to start writing a Fifty Shades-style role reversalstarring Rafael, naturally. However, it’s Petra who gets the real surprise: an offer to write a lifestyle book.

This, coupled with Petra’s treatment of Luisa, has her on the outs with Jane in addition to Rafael. Petra knows she can make up with Rafael, but Jane’s another story. In an especially sweet scene, Petra shows up unannounced for brunch, telling Jane that she’s her “moral compass” and reminding her of the promise they made each other four years ago. She also convinces Jane to ghostwrite her book for her, which Alba makes hilariously clear is a bad idea.

Petra also grows closer to Jane Ramosor, as Petra’s taken to calling her, J.R. She helps Jane’s mother get an appointment with a top doctor in the area, and the two even do some day drinking. In the end, Petra decides to give up the blueprints to her guest room, something both the police and Jane’s mysterious contact are after.

Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio each have an epiphany about their careers. Xo realizes that she really misses dancing itself and sells her studio in favor of a teaching position. Rogelio spends one day as a stay-at-home dad and can’t handle the boredom, as well as Darcy’s social media mandate. However, after Xo talks about giving her dance studio a solid three years before trying something else, Rogelio realizes that he can’t quit yet.

Finally, Alba experiences the heartbreak of seeing former love Jorge back with his former love Sofia. She’s devastated, though Petra helpfully tells her that she’s “hot stuff.” So at least there’s that.