Talkspace recently signed a deal to become a partner with Magellan Health, a large health insurance provider. Oren Frank, who founded Talkspace in 2012 and is the current CEO, once worked as a mental health professional. Unsatisfied with the number of people he was able to help, developed a way for therapists to interact with clients online.

Having over 500,000 users as of November 2017, Talkspace has proven its efficacy. Users of the service based app are able to keep in touch with mental health professionals through daily text messages, or through longer video chat based sessions. Because the entire therapy process is performed through the phone, a user is able to access therapy anytime. This is a perk for busy people who can’t find the time to regularly visit a therapist in their office.

Frank points to study of nearly 100,000 veterans when asked to prove the usefulness of online therapy. The study concluded that access to mental health care online reduced the number of hospitalizations and mental health incidents by 25 percent.

Talkspace is also getting rid of the stigma associated with therapy by giving access to therapy to anyone with a smartphone. Because of the deal with Magellan Health, the service may soon be available to people who have health care plans through Magellan Health.