Xo considers her options on this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

This week’s Jane certainly won’t go down as the funniestthough we did get some much-needed levity thanks to Petrabut it did end with Xo finally making a decision about her cancer treatment. At the start of the hour, she learns that her cancer is stage 3, and the doctor lays out her surgery options: a double mastectomy, a single mastectomy, or a lumpectomy. Naturally, Jane quickly puts together a binder detailing the pros and cons of each. Rogelio, however, asks her to put it aside for the time being, reasoning that Xo needs time to make the decision herself. However, when Xo later presses the family on their thoughts, they all admit that they’re in favor of the double mastectomy, saying that it’s the safest long-term bet.

Decision made, Rogelio, who’s thus far felt pretty shut out of everything, suggests a spa day before the surgery. He’s hurt when Xo asks Jane to tag along but hides it and agrees to accompany Alba to the medical supply store instead. There, he tries to talk Alba into therapy, suggesting that it may help her deal with Xo’s diagnosis, but she blows up at him, saying that he’s always on the phone with his agent. Later on, however, Alba discovers that Rogelio actually pushed production on his pilot indefinitely. He tells Alba that he didn’t want anyone to know, especially Xo, and says that his agent was calling to try to get him to change his mind. Alba apologizes immediately, and the two promise to be there for each other throughout the process.

Xo and Jane, meanwhile, are hardly having the relaxing day Rogelio intended, as all the Zen talk about loving and being one with your body makes Xo realize that she might want the lumpectomy instead of the double mastectomy. She’s still not positive, though, and finally realizes that there’s someone else she needs to include in her decision: Rogelio. After a nice talk where Xo admits that her body defined who she was for a long time, she decides on a compromise of sorts and goes with the single mastectomy. She also tells Jane that some things need to be a “her and Rogelio” thing instead of a “her and Jane” thing. Namely, saying goodbye to her left boob.

Elsewhere, providing the previously mentioned comic relief, Petra spins out over what to do about her feelings for J.R. Rafael even overhears her practicing how to ask J.R. out, hilariously unaware that it’s not his Jane she’s talking about. Petra later stops by Jane’s with some soup and sweet words about being there for Jane during this crisis, which Rafael naturally interprets as more than just friendly. He fills Jane in, who can’t quite hide her reaction, and the two admit to Petra what Rafael overheard.

Clearly needing someone to talk to about it, Petra quickly admits that she slept with J.R. and even asks Rafael for romantic advice later on. Sidebar, but how great was Jane’s totally nonchalant “Well, how was it?” reaction? After Rafael suggests a grand romantic gesture, Petra’s hurt when J.R. scoffs at the flowers and chocolate of it all, forcing Petra to lie once again about her true feelings. However, she can’t help herself after following J.R. on a date and accidentally hitting a car while trying to stay incognito, leading her to finally confess her feelings. It works out for her, too; J.R. shows up later and tells her that vulnerable Petra is way hotter than ice queen Petra.