J.R. tells Petra the truth on this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

As the narrator put it, this week’s episode was all about context, with Jane learning more about a years ago relationship and Petra discovering J.R.’s secret. At the top of the hour, Jane invites Rafael to the unofficial Villanueva job fair, as she and Xo both look for new jobs. Petra’s book is on hold because of the murder charge, so Jane’s looking for something she’s passionate about to tide her over. 

She eventually settles on trying teaching again, and Professor Donaldson, Jane’s former adviser who’s also responsible for one of my favorite lines ever (“I feel like I’m locking you into the patriarchy”), lets her know about a job opening. Unfortunately, it happens that Professor Chavez, another one of Jane’s former advisers, though the only one she almost slept with, is filling the position. Even though it’s awkward, Jane sees him and agrees to do a guest lecture as a trial run. However, she has mixed feelings about the job when she sees Chavez kissing another grad student. A little research makes her realize that it’s a pattern of his, making her see their relationship in a new light.

After her guest lecture, Jane can’t help but pull the grad student aside, but her attempts to warn her about Chavez come off as Jane hitting on her instead. Needless to say, Jane doesn’t get the job. She does, however, later get a chance to let the student know the truth about her adviser, something she seems grateful for. Later on, Jane confesses to Rafael that she was actually relieved not to get the job, but is still beyond frustrated that she hasn’t had more success in her dream career.

Rafael, meanwhile, takes the offer to join the job fair seriously and puts together a deal to buy a property. He ends up getting scammed by someone he thought was a friend but tells Jane that he’s hopeful the next deal might work out. Raf and Jane also decide that they’re ready to tell their family about their relationship because, as Jane says, “This is real.”

Xo’s time at the job fair has her considering going back to school, so she winds up sitting in on a couple of classes. Unfortunately, she later tells Rogelio that they made her feel as old and dumb as she feared they would. Rog, because he’s Rog, is having a crisis of his own and listens to Xo for a second before asking her to watch Baby. Rightfully upset, Xo accuses Rog of only thinking about himself and later finds herself at the door of a (very handsome) fellow dance teacher. Rog’s crisis of the week involves Eva Longoria, who the network finds a suitable replacement for River Fields in the America version of Passions of Santos. Playing a hilariously exaggerated version of herself, Eva’s screen test with Rogelio falls flat because they realize just beforehand that they’re cousins. Back to River it is, then!

Finally, Petra starts off her week with an arrest, courtesy of the balcony screws planted in her desk. After J.R. bails her out, Raf forgives her for the Luisa of it all, and J.R. comes clean about the person blackmailing her. In J.R.’s defense, she found herself in that situation for a pretty noble reason: tampering with evidence in a case where a victim fought back against her abuser. Petra’s furious, obviously, but Jane swears that she didn’t plant the screws. After J.R. uses a fake chain of custody issue to get the screws thrown out, Petra thaws a bit and instructs J.R. to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the blackmailer.