The side characters get a chance to shine in this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

At the start of the hour, the Villanuevas are still reeling from the revelation that Xo has a lump on her breast. She has a biopsy, the results of which she won’t get for a few days. She encourages her family to go about their lives as usual, reasoning that hovering will just make her anxious. Everyone kind of sort of takes her advice in that they go about their lives, but Jane spends a lot of time googling scary cancer things, Rogelio can’t really function until he gets a pep talk from Jane, and Alba remains on standby for Xo, distracting her whenever possible.

Following her mom’s advice, Jane heads to her new writing group, where she gets an assignment to write about an event in her life from the perspective of a side character. She decides to write about her insemination from Luisa’s perspective, prompted by the discovery of her testimony about the event (Rafael’s been sorting through Luisa’s files hoping to find something about his birth parents). Seeing things from Luisa’s point of view certainly makes Jane feel more empathy for her and also ends up giving Rafael a clue to her whereabouts. After completing the assignment, Jane also gets inspiration for her next story: her mom.

Rafael, meanwhile, tracks Luisa to a small inn and finds that she’s genuinely happy there. She gave away all of their moneyouch!and finally cut Rose out of her life for good. She and Rafael have a nice talk, but she also admits that she burned the records he’s looking for, though Rose knows who his birth parents are. Rafael’s not pleased about it but heads to jail to speak to Rose. There, she gives him an ultimatum: she’ll tell him who his birth parents are but only if she tells him where Luisa is.

Also following Xo’s advice, Rogelio does his best to act as normal as possible and begins courting River Fields for Passions of Steve. First, she has some notes about her character. Understandably, she’s looking to play someone whose “heaving bosom” isn’t her main characteristic. After a rewrite, she inches closer to signing on, but an unfortunate bananas foster-fueled eyebrow incident sets them back again. After learning that River is merely using Steve as leverage in her negotiations for another show called Confederatethat is some pointed and well-deserved shade, Jane the VirginRogelio gets discouraged. However, Xo tells him not to give up yet, and he reaches an agreement with River by episode’s end.

For much of the hour, Petra remains in the dark about Xo’s biopsy. Though, perhaps it works out that her twins inadvertently distract Jane by telling Mateo the truth about the tooth fairy. Upset that Mateo’s belief has been taken away and stressed about her mom, Jane takes it out on Petra, who, to be fair, did tell her five-year-olds that the tooth fairy is a farce. Soon after, Petra asks Alba about Jane, and her weird answer gives Petra a hint that they’re not talking about the tooth fairy incident. Alba then tells Petra the truth about Xo, and of course, she decides that dressing up like the tooth fairy for Mateo is the perfect way to make Jane feel better. The two share a season’s best moment afterward, with Petra expressing her concern for Xo and Jane realizing how difficult Petra had it growing up.

That conversation leads Petra to revisit her time in the Czech Republic and come to the conclusion that her ex-husband, Milos, has to be the blackmailer. However, J.R. rules him out again, though they do agree that it has to be someone who knows Petra’s entire backstory. Which leads them, hilariously, to the most side character of the side characters, Krishna, who’s been bossed around by Petra one too many times, it seems. Case closed, J.R. says goodbye to Petrahaving established earlier that their night together was a one-time thing—though Petra looks more than a little wistful as she walks away.

Finally, Xo gets her biopsy results back near the end of the hour and tells both Rogelio and Jane that it’s benign, knowing that they’re headed to a big meeting and the writers’ group, respectively. Afterward, though, Xo admits that she lied, leaving Rogelio, Alba, and Jane just as stunned as they were at the end of last week’s episode.