Jane faces her inner critic on this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

Jane’s been on quite the hot streak the past few weeks, this week’s episode included. At the start of the hour, Jane and Rafael finally tell Jane’s family their big relationship news, only for them to reveal that they’ve all known about it for months. Even Alba hilariously shows her devious side, revealing that their double date several weeks ago was particularly fun knowing the truth. Mateo’s thrilled too, and everything sure seems perfect. However, every time Rafael suggests that Jane get a little more comfortable at his new pad, she looks unsettled. Eventually, she admits that being so happy with him makes her feel like it’s negating her love story with Michael. Rafael understands but also reassures her that both love stories can exist.

Rafael also finds his birth mother this episode or at least thinks that he does. After reaching out on Facebook, Rafael realizes that his birth mother asked another woman to write her name on his birth certificate, concerned as she was that her family would find out. Raf calls the convent where he was born for more information, but it turns out the records were sold to…Luisa Alver. Jane, meanwhile, tries to fix her writer’s block with an improv class, which doesn’t help a lot but does give her the idea to take some more writing classes.

Elsewhere, things finally heat up for Petra and J.R., who makes out with Petra to fake out the people following them. J.R. then decides they should keep up the girlfriend cover, so we’re treated to an adorably giggly, off-balance Petra who’s all too happy to keep the charade going. Of course, this eventually leads to a genuine and very hot hookup, though J.R. heads out pretty early the next morning. Putting even more of a damper on things, J.R.’s later horrified to discover a note pinned on her ill mother threatening to take her if J.R. doesn’t comply with the blackmailer’s request.

Finally, if that weren’t a dark enough twist, Jane pulled one of its patented achingly real punches, this time with Xiomara. She and Rogelio go on quite the roller coaster ride this episode, first when Rogelio thinks Xo is cheating on him, then when she tells him she’s entering a dance competition, and finally, when she admits that his personality is oftentimes too much. Things settle down sweetly after Rogelio faces his own inner critic; he even wrangles Jane and Alba to attend Xo’s dance competition. After a strong start, Xo takes a bad fall, landing her in the hospital with a broken rib. What’s more, though, the doctor also found a lump in her breast, leaving the usually chatty Villanuevas speechless.