Everything that is right with the world comes up in the romantic 90’s comedy “It Could Happen to You”.  Policeman Charlie meets waitress Yvonne in a classic New York luncheonette when he runs out of cash for a tip, so he offers to split his lottery ticket if he wins or return the next day with the money. Not little was the surprise when Charlie did return the next day with a $2 million tip. And this was only the beginning of a beautiful odds defying love story in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Charlie is a kind-hearted policeman, popular in the neighborhood, the type that helps deliver a baby on a bus and moves on to playing ball with the kids on his street. He is married to Muriel, a hairdresser of explosive nature, money obsessed and flashy taste that has always believed her lifestyle was under her status so needless to say she is not happy to split the prize when the time comes. Yvonne, on the other hand is in the process of divorcing Eddie who had left her with a huge credit card debt. At the same time, she is fighting to escape bankruptcy, not having the luckiest of times, but still manages to keep her life together and continues to be the same smiling and good nature human everyone has known and loved.

The story is narrated by Angel, the very name indicating the idyllic magical side of things. The whole film is a constant battle between right and wrong, good vs bad, simple vs tacky and the list can continue. Charlie and Yvonne are the face of light while Muriel and Eddie represent the dark side, or the other words giving vs grabbing. Charlie won’t stop donating once he wins, Yvonne pays her debts and her idea of a splurge is a full jar of nuts and fresh flowers in the house. On the opposite poll we have Muriel who won’t stop shopping at the most expensive stores and Eddie who sees this as an opportunity to ask Yvonne for money. To get an idea about the size of the jackpot they won, it was close to the one in the US Powerball. This hits them all at the same time but it’s very interesting to see how everyone reacts differently to the money.

The story is portrayed as a fairy tale from the very beginning. Angel starts his narrative with “Once upon a time in New York…”. It touches on love, community and an ample display of human nature with both good and bad, but like every fairy tale, good always prevail.  There is a romantic line to every element in the film. Summertime, flowers, smiles, selfless people, boy meets girl music, everything leads to new love story. It is obvious from the very beginning how Charlie and Yvonne are meant to be together, the movie just needs to build up to bring them there.

There is a series of miracles all throughout the movie showing that even the universe decides Charlie and Yvonne are soulmates. None of the hurdles they encounter can stop them from being together because when something is right even the stars align. It is a film that soothes the heart and gives hope where there is none, perfect for a good old family movie night or just a romantic evening so you will not be sorry to have watched it.

Here is a glimpse of it to get you started:

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