With this latest trailer for the upcoming Season 2 of HBO’s creepy good Westworld, we are super jazzed about the prospects.

Will anyone else find out that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is actually an android? Now that Dr. Ford is dead, maybe Bernard is placed in charge. What’s with the beach set-up?

How is Maeve going to find her daughter? In this trailer, she’s seen wearing a kimono, so clearly she’s going to go into this samurai world we’ve been teased about.

What’s Ed Harris’ Man in Black going to do now that he survived the massacre at the hands of Dolores and the other hosts in the Season 1 finale?

Finally, what’s Dolores going to do next? It seems she and James Marsden’s cowboy go on some kind of hunting spree through their West, but then there are shots of Dolores in modern-day clothes, all glammed up, so she must enter the real world, too.

The best part of this trailer, though, is the slow version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shape Box.” Really cool touch. Westworld Season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

Watch it below!