Alice and Robin meet on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

This week’s Once was really one long, extended meet-cute, as we finally saw the beginning of Alice and Robin’s relationship. At the start of the hour, Alice, still trapped in her tower, makes a wish on her birthday. Immediately afterward, a giant troll tears the roof off of her prison and rescues her. We then flash to years later, when then-stranger Robin comes across Alice spying on Hook. Robin traps her until Alice explains who she is, but the two are soon distracted by a creature’s cry. Robin says that it’s the monster that’s been terrorizing nearby villages. Alice, however, instantly recognizes it as her troll friend from years before.

They then head to a tavern where survivors have gathered, and Robin is none too pleased when a fellow (male) hunter suggests she stay behind to guard the women and children. That’s soon the least of their problems, though, as Alice loudly calling the troll her friend is enough to land both women in jail. They’re not there for long, at least: after one very sweet conversation about fathers and expectations, Robin smoothly swipes Alice’s earring and uses it to remove her handcuffs. However, she leaves Alice behind, explaining that she can’t have anyone ruining her opportunity to honor her father’s legacy.

Robin then meets up with the rest of the hunters, who scoff at the idea of a “little girl” hunting a troll. To prove them wrong, Robin takes her shot, only to be knocked down by Alice, who had another hairpin it turns out. Angry that their hunt’s been interrupted yet again, the men threaten to kill Alice, but Robin intervenes. Unfortunately, they’re still far outnumbered, at least until another wish from Alice allows them to escape. They then go in search of the troll to save him from the hunters, starting at Alice’s tower. There, she’s overwhelmed by memories of feeling helpless and trapped. Robin, however, makes her realize that she created the troll with her birthday wish and thus saved herself. He came back because today is her birthday but turns to stone when Alice finally realizes that she’s truly free.

In Hyperion Heights, Alice’s alter ego, Tilly, deals with a whole different set of problems. Following the events of last week’s episode, she ran back to her stonea stone that suddenly looks a lot like a troll. There, Rogers finds her and convinces her to hide out at Henry’s while they try to come up with an alibi for her. Though they come up short on that front, they do manage to find Tilly’s backpack. Unfortunately, it contains the hairs of the last murder victims, which doesn’t exactly look good. Tilly then retreats back to her stone in a panic and tells it that she has to leave town. Distracted, she nearly gets hit by a car but is saved by none other than Robin, back from Tibet and making her first Hyperion Heights appearance. Afterward, Tilly catches sight of a red light blinking in the stone’s eye and realizes there’s a camera there. Sure enough, the footage proves that she wasn’t responsible for the murders. Relieved, Rogers not only returns her backpack but also invites her to stay with him.

Elsewhere, Regina and Lucy truly start Operation Hyacinth. Regina tells her granddaughter that they need to figure out why Dr. Facilier is in Hyperion Heights but stresses that they need to keep it a secret from Zelena. This leads Regina to formulate a plan where she lures Facilier out of his house for lunch while Lucy sneaks inside. Unfortunately, Zelena, who’s maybe too good at knowing when something’s up, confronts Regina while she’s on her date. After Facilier bails to let the two sisters talk, Regina tries to warn Lucy to get out, who only has time to hide instead. After she manages to sneak out, she tells Regina that she found a death card. However, Facilier finds something as well: Lucy’s hat.

After he returns it to Regina, he admits that he’s in Hyperion Heights for the Dark One dagger. He also tells her that there could be another great love in her future, if only she chooses to open up. At the very least, she chooses to open up to Zelena and admits that she has feelings for Facilier, even knowing what he’s after. Finally, Robin shows up at the bar, which makes Zelena very happy, though her dear daughter clearly has no idea who she is.