Operation Hyacinth begins on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

We’re treated to a classic forest flashback this week, as Hook goes on a quest in hopes of freeing Alice from her tower. Alice, now age ten or so, has been having dreams about Mother Gothel’s return, so Hook decides to try out his last resort: Rumpelstiltskin. Still imprisoned, Rumple tells him he’ll help, provided Hook fetch a magical white hook from Ahab, a fellow pirate. Hook bets the Jolly Roger on a game of dicehow many times has that poor ship been wageredand wins the hook. He turns to leave but Ahab can’t resist a taunt, telling Hook that he’s gone soft, planning to free the Dark One instead of getting his revenge. When Hook arrives back at Rumple’s cell, Ahab is there too and challenges him to a pistol duel. Apparently having never seen Hamilton, Hook agrees.

He ends up the winner, too, merely nicked while Ahab sustains a non-life-threatening wound. Hook, however, doesn’t exactly feel like a winner, confessing to Smee that he’s made a terrible mistake. Sure enough, Mother Gothel appears just after Hook returns to Alice’s tower and marks them both, naming Hook’s selfish pride the culprit.

In Hyperion Heights, meanwhile, Rogers and Weaver continue to work the murder cases. Tilly shows up at the precinct warning of danger coming, but both Rogers and Weaver blow her off. They bring in Eloise for helpor rather, she brings herself in. She spends most of her time taunting Rogers about knowing more about him than he doesnamely, his true identity. Eloise also tells him that both victims received boxes of chocolates before their deaths but that lead doesn’t pan out. In fact, it’s actually a distraction, preventing them from saving the killer’s next victim. That woman dies in the hospital, and Rogers and Weaver find Tilly standing over her clutching a scalpel. It certainly doesn’t look good, which explains why Tilly runs off before Weaver and Rogers can stop her. They also find a Coven of Eight drawing in her usual hideout, with Weaver mentioning that Tilly’s issues stem from losing her father. Considering that Rumple’s awake right now, it’s a little mean to bring it up.

Elsewhere, Henry and Jacinda remain confused by Lucy’s change of heart last episode, Jacinda even more so when Lucy tells her that she doesn’t want her to see Henry anymore. Henry, meanwhile, confides in Regina how weird the whole thing is. Regina, of course, realizes Lucy’s motivation instantly. Henry then goes to help Ivy pack up Victoria’s office and is shocked when a grief-stricken Ivy plants one on him. She reasons that he’s the only one she has, while Henry tries to convince her that she has other families as well. Prompted by this, Ivy brings Jacinda a box of her stuff from Victoria. She even ends up giving Jacinda a pep talk about Lucy, while Jacinda gifts her a stuffed animal from when they were kids. Ivy then pretty cryptically tells Jacinda that she’s going to finish what her mother started, which could mean a whole host of terrifying things. Luckily, Ivy simply goes to see Henry, thanks him for his good advice and asks for his help finding Anastasia.

Finally, in a moment that was a long time coming, Lucy goes to see Regina and shows her the found book page. Regina admits who she is and says she needs her granddaughter’s help to bring Henry and Jacinda back together. After Regina decides that they need a mission name, Lucy comes up with the appropriate Operation Hyacinth, the very first thing her dad ever gave her mom. If you are interested in watching the series you can order it online and get it fast and safe thanks to the best ProOffice shipping labels.