One mother makes the ultimate sacrifice on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

It feels like it’s been ages since Once aired its midseason finale, and truthfully, I forgot much of what happened in that episode. To recap, Lucy is in a coma because Rapunzel used her to wake Anastasia, Regina and Zelena both know who they are but also know that waking Lucy will break the curse and kill Henry, and Rapunzel and Drizella were both bested by Mother Gothel, who strengthened Ana’s magic and pushed reluctant mother and daughter into a well.

At the start of the hour, we flashback to Storybrooke, and it later becomes clear the timing is soon after Lucy was born. That’s because after a rebellious Robin uses magic against Zelena’s wishes, she’s kidnapped. Zelena shows up panicked in the forest, where she refuses Regina’s help but accepts Hook’s, as she believes that Mother Gothel has kidnapped Robin. Mother Gothel, of course, is both Hook’s baby mama and total nemesis. The two eventually locate Robin, though she angrily tells her mother that she wasn’t kidnapped, she ran away so Gothel could teach her magic. Gothel has no intention of doing that, instead of continuing her trend of manipulating young women to do her bidding.

It turns out she’s looking to resurrect a powerful witch using a resurrection amulet, but a human sacrifice must be made. Just as she’s about to use Robin, Zelena and Hook return and Zelena pushes her daughter out of the way to take her place. Luckily, Robin has no small amount of her father’s talent and threatens Gothel with a nearby bow and arrow. Gothel retreats, and Zelena and Robin embrace, promising to never fight that way again. On the way home, Zelena gives Robin the amulet full of her magic, but Robin instead gifts it to her mother. She reasons that she never liked magic as much as she pretended tocalling herself the Blue Ivy to Zelena’s Beyoncébut that she would like to try out the bow and arrow again. Well, Zelena reasons, it’s not so bad to be Jay-Z.

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Gothel tasks Zelena with fetching the resurrection amulet, telling her that they can use it to bring Lucy back. Zelena relays this information to Regina, but the two have no intention of giving it to Gothel, knowing that someone else will pay the price. They do, however, search for it in the hopes that they can manipulate it to save Lucy without a sacrifice. They start at the bar, which, it turns out, they co-owned at one point. Zelena finds the amulet nestled in their old sign, but an armed Rapunzel immediately makes them hand it over.

The amulet is now empty, as Zelena transferred Robin’s magic to herself, but Mother Gothel uses Ana to refill it again. She then shows Rapunzel that Drizella will be the one to die, which Drizella is convinced her mother always wanted. However, in one of the season’s darker twists, Rapunzel pushes Drizella out of the way just as Zelena did, but, this time, actually dies because of it, as a heartbroken Drizella looks on. At the hospital, Lucy finally wakes up, and her doctor reads over some test results from earlierboth Henry and Lucy’s “dad” were tested in case Lucy needed blood or something of the sort. The doc is shocked to see that Henry is Lucy’s real father, but is poisoned before she can say anything about it, as a gloved hand takes the test results and, weirdly, a lock of the doctor’s hair.