The Candy Killer is revealed in this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

Many years ago, in the Enchanted Forest, Drizella and Ana play hide-and-go-seek. After Drizella loses track of Ana and becomes frightened, Ana uses a lantern to find her sister and guide them home. The sisters make a vow that they will “always find each other.” Sometime later, after Ana has been asleep for awhile, Drizella begins planning her revenge curse. However, Gothel warns her that she doesn’t have enough magic to do it on her own. Instead, she’ll need to join the Coven of Eight. Seeing no other way, Drizella begrudgingly attends a meeting, where she learns it’s actually a competition. There are two spots available in the Coven of Eight, which leads Drizella to team up with a fellow competitor.

After proving their loyalty by saving each other from a trap, the women feel comfortable enough to introduce themselves. It turns out that Drizella’s candy-loving partner is none other than Gretel, who’s estranged from her brother as Drizella is from Ana. The trail soon splits off, so the two separate to each find a flower. Drizella then encounters Mother Gothel, who reveals the real test: kill Gretel, make it into the Coven. However, when she meets up with Gretel later on, instead of trying to kill her, Drizella proposes that the two form their own sisterhood. Unfortunately, Gothel visited Gretel as well, and she finds the Coven of Eight more appealing than a sisterhood of two. Gretel attacks Drizella, who’s forced to kill her in self-defense, thus making it into the Coven.

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Drizella tries to make good on her promise to Ana from years ago, using a P.I. to help locate her sister. Gothel, however, warns Drizella that she has bigger problems: namely, the Candy Killer. Drizella’s then attacked in her building’s parking garage but survives thanks to some well-aimed pepper spray and a stiletto heel. She then goes to Regina in a panic, desperate for any help she can get. Regina’s still not quite over the whole “poisoning her son” thing but agrees to loop Weaver in on Drizella’s situation. Dr. Facilier is a little more tempting, though, as he offers concrete help in the form of a magic bean, provided Drizella hands over her sister.

Thinking only of herself, Drizella uses the lanterns from long ago to lure Ana out. After regaining her sister’s trust, Drizella knocks her out with some red sleeping powder. But, before Facilier can use Ana’s magic to power the bean, Gothel appears and wakes her. At first, Ana’s understandably mad at Drizella and even considers killing her at Gothel’s prompting. However, after Drizella begs Ana and points out that Gothel manipulated both of them, she forgives her Drizella, and the sisters reunite. Once kind of has a thing for terrible mentors, no?

Afterward, Regina and Drizella reach a truce of sorts. Regina’s still upset at Drizella for casting the curse, but she does recognize Gothel’s influence on her. In essence, she doesn’t forgive her, but she does understand her. With that, Regina gives Drizella and Ana her blessing to use the bean and head to another realm. However, she’s still mad at the role frenemy/lover Dr. Facilier played. At the end of the hour, Facilier does his best explain himself. It turns out he only did what he did to siphon some of Ana’s magic for Henry. He knew that Ana and Drizella would happily reunite, as it was in the cards. Regina’s obviously thrilled, and Facilier assures her that her happiness is the only price. He doesn’t exactly end his night on a high, though, as Rumple shows up to warn him about going after his dagger.

Elsewhere, Lucy frets about Henry being all alone while she and Regina try to figure out how to save him. After she expresses this fear to Regina, her grandma mentions that Henry was best friends with Jack—a.k.a Lucy’s cursed dad—and Detective Rogers in the Enchanted Forest. With that, Operation Bromance is born. Lucy uses one of her patented texting fake outs to send all three guys to Flynn’s bar/arcade (barcade?). There, the other two try to get Henry’s mind off of Jacinda, telling him that he should ask out the next girl who walks through the door. Naturally, the next girl is Jacinda. After having a good laugh, Henry and Jacinda test fate: if Henry can shoot a coin into a bar glass, then they’re meant to be. He misses when the bartender moves the glass, but Jacinda takes the coin home with her. There, she makes an impossible shot, and her smile certainly suggests that fate may have played a role.

Finally, Jack’s return wasn’t quite as random as it seemed. After getting a flat tire and sending Henry and Rogers home, Jack opens his trunk to reveal…various candy boxes, as well as the mask Drizella’s attacker wore.