Prince Naveen makes his debut on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

This week’s hour picked up in Hyperion Heights, immediately following Victoria’s funeral. Lucy and Jacinda take a minute to lay flowers on her grave, but it’s business as usual for everyone else, especially Henry. He’s found a new avenue for his storytelling: a podcast called “H-Town,” naturally. He also has time for a game night at Jacinda and Lucy’s, where an excited Lucy tells him about the book that Victoria showed her before her death.

Because of it, Lucy believes again and makes it her personal, very Parent Trap-esque mission to push her parents into true love’s kiss before the night is through. Not messing around, she heads for her room at 6:30 and listens eagerly as her parents inch closer and closer to a kiss. However, just before they seal the deal, Lucy finds a page from the book on the floor, which explains that Henry will die if the curse is broken. Frantic, she runs into the living room and breaks it up in the nick of time, as a bewildered Henry and Jacinda continue the game night.

In flashback, Tiana prepares for her coronation just after taking her kingdom back from Rapunzel. However, Dr. Facilier puts a pin in it when he shows up to warn her about a huge gator terrorizing the kingdom. Hook, Tiana, and Cinderella lead the hunt and run into cocky Prince Naveen, a man convinced he and he alone can kill the beast.  After Hook and Cinderella break off to help a villager, Tiana and Naveen continue on in a canoe, where Naveen eventually confesses that his brother was killed by the gator. Soon after, Tiana sees Naveen with Dr. Facilier’s flask and disrupts the canoe, allowing the gator to snatch Naveen. She saves him but for a life-threatening wound, which Dr. Facilier fixes for a price: he now owns Naveen. He also reveals that he only wanted a necklace the gator had swallowed, something he returns to Regina (?!), who he then kisses, saying “I’ve missed my queen.”

Meanwhile, back in present-day Hyperion Heights, Sabine is off to her first food truck fair. There, she runs into Drew, a not-so-great chef she knows from cooking school, who also happens to be Prince Naveen. Drew also has a truck there, but one taste of his food convinces Sabine that she has nothing to worry about. However, before she can properly celebrate, a cop shows up saying he got an anonymous tip about her permits for the truck. Sure enough, she’s missing her food safety permit and assumes that Drew sold her out. He promises he didn’t but says his silent partner, Mr. Samdia.k.a. Dr. Faciliermight have. Drew then gives her his permit, admits that he flunked out of cooking school, and helps out at her truck. It seems like a sweet moment until Mr. Samdi shows up afterward and reveals that Drew is on his payroll.

Mr. Samdi also shows up at Roni and Kelly’s posing as an investor, leading Regina to speculate that Facilier may be awake too. After pulling a sister switcheroo, Zelena’s convinced that he’s still under the curse, but Regina has doubts. She shows up at Facilier’s place that night, he admits that he’s awake, and Regina hesitates for about two seconds before taking him up on his invitation to come inside. I love you, Regina, but this romantic choice feels…ill-advised.

Finally, Weaver and Rogers investigate the death of Lucy’s doctor, Dr. Sage, leading them to the bakery where she bought her breakfast the day of her murder. There, they meet the blind witch, er, woman who runs the place and later save her from a gas leak, but not before someone cuts a single lock of her hair, just as they did with Dr. Sage. The revelation that someone is clearly hunting witches is enough for Weaver to finally, finally admit that he knows exactly who he is: Rumpelstiltskin.