ATLANTA Robbin’ Season — “Champagne Papi” — Season Two, Episode 7 (Airs Thursday, April 12, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Zazie Beetz as Van. CR: Guy D’Alema/FX

This week it was Van’s turn. After getting feature episodes for Alfred and Darius (would “Helen” count as the Earn episode since Van also figured prominently?), the final part of Atlanta’s lead quartet gets her moment.

It’s a night out for Van and her girls — Tami, Nadine, and Candice. Candice has scored a way in to a lavish party being hosted by Drake. Her insider? A guy named DJ, whom Candice “only talks business with”. Though she might have sent him a few selfies. But who can say?

While the other three girls are getting ready for the night, Van is a bit distracted. Earn is living his life and having a good time doing it — at least according to his Instagram story. Van, on the other hand, has mostly pictures of Lottie or food. Not exactly baller status. You know what would be baller status? Getting a picture with Drake. Nothing would ever be the same.

The start isn’t promising. Standing in an empty parking lot, freezing your ass off in the middle of an Atlanta winter’s night while wearing nothing but a party dress is no one’s idea of a glamorous good time. But like a beacon of hope and warmth, a shuttle bus stands off in the distance. The girls just have to sidestep an ambitious pizza delivery guy, hoping to sneak his way in the party and get Drake to put him on.

No luck pizza guy.

The ladies, however, make it onto the bus which is already filled with women on their way to the party. One sitting next to Van is in tears. “I’m so happy!” she sobs. Alrighty then.

The shuttle arrives in front of a swank mansion. The women stream off the bus and are greeted by a burly, bearded bouncer who barks a list of rules, the most important of which is to constantly wear cloth booties over her great Kickstarter shoes in order not to scuff the marble floors. All are admitted. Except one. Ms. “I’m so happy” is decidedly less so when her invite is determined to be faked and she’s dragged off screaming.

Once inside, Van is on the immediate lookout for Drake. Instagram’s been popping with plenty of women posting photos with Drake from inside the party. Meanwhile, Tami has spotted Handsome Hollywood Actor De’Veon Johnson … and he’s with a white girl. Tami’s new mission: show De’Veon where he went wrong.

But before any of that happens, Candice has to find and thank DJ. Fortunately, DJ finds them. And DJ is a DJ. So he’s gonna go DJ. And Candice is going to watch DJ DJ. This leaves the other three on their own. But not before they take an edible from DJ. Nadine reluctantly chews hers under Tami’s strict supervision.

Before too long, the group has split up. Tami is stalking De’Veon and his girlfriend, Van is hunting Drake … and Nadine is high af.

The edible has kicked in, boy howdy. Nadine has reached peak paranoia, high enough that she calls the police to warn them that she’s at a party at Drake’s and she thinks she’s going to die. Not exactly what you want to be saying to the authorities. Van shuts the whole call down before Nadine can do anything really foolish, like give an address or name.

What Nadine does need to do is lie down and get some water. Van helps her intoxicated friend to a couch and goes in search of something non-alcoholic to drink. The search leads her to Bradley. Bradley’s handsome, charming and has a bottle of water at the ready. He offers to help a flustered Van watch over her friend. Except when they return, Nadine’s gone and Van’s phone is dead.

Bradley to the rescue again! He knows where Van can charge her phone for a minute so she can send a text. It’s down these stairs and into a recording studio. Which Bradley knows about because he works with Drake? Right?

Not quite. Actually, Bradley’s cousin is Drake’s nutritionist.

So how does he know so much about the layout of the house?

Um, well. Because. Well, he got here early. And um … was walking around and … um…

Van excuses herself to the restroom. He follows. He’s waiting outside the door. Things have gotten weird. She sends him on a mission for drinks, which allows her an avenue of escape. Crisis averted. Now free of Bradley, Van is exploring the house and finds a room displaying a large Mexican flag and a closet full of jackets. Who among us wouldn’t have tried one on? Certainly not Van.

We have found Nadine! She’s outside in the pool. And talking to … Darius? The two are having an ultra-cosmic discussion about the nothingness that is human existence within the simulation that we call life. Actually, Darius is doing most of the talking. Nadine is just having her high mind blown.

Van remains on walkabout within the mansion. Still dressed in Drake’s clothes, she finds a bathroom and starts spraying colognes. Candice, whom we haven’t seen since she left with DJ, has left with DJ to T-Pain’s party. The other three girls are now officially on their own.

After stalking all night, Tami is finally sitting across from her nemesis — De’Veon Johnson’s White Girlfriend. Drunk and surly, Tami unloads on DJWG for taking another good black man. But DJWG responds politely, telling Tami that she and De’Veon have been together for eight years. That she helped support him while he was still working in community theater. That maybe she adds value to his life and maybe two good people just found each other.

Nope! Tami doesn’t want to hear it. Why should she wait around for some guy to struggle for eight years trying to make it? She wants the Now De’Veon Johnson and had no patience to wait on the Then De’Veon Johnson to make it. Because she loves De’Veon Johnson.

Tami! You’re not supposed to say that part out loud. You especially shouldn’t have said that very last part out loud to his girlfriend. You even more shouldn’t have said it out loud just as he was sitting down next to her. Awkward.

Now fully lost in the house, Van comes up on a dark room with a man watching TV and speaking rapidly in Spanish. Van asks him if he can tell her how to get back to the party. He speaks no English. She speaks no Spanish. But she does know abuelo. Grandpa. This man is Drake’s grandpa! We’re getting somewhere. He gestures to a calendar on the wall. Van takes a look.

Drake is currently on a European tour. Drake isn’t at home. They’ve all been had!

A frustrated Van finds her way back to the party and walks past a long line of woman waiting to take a picture with Drake. A cutout of Drake. For $20. $30 if you want a pair of slides. All of those photos on Instagram were frauds. But the picture is guaranteed to get you 10,000 Instagram followers. If you’re into that sort of thing. Van is not.

She wanders outside and finds Nadine sitting poolside talking to Darius. Why’s he there? Well, he’s friends with Drake’s chef. Nadine is no longer paranoid. But definitely still high and has had her mind expanded. Tami appears in a balcony. Everyone’s getting kicked out. They’ve gotta go. How are they getting home? On foot. The long walk back is mostly in silence. But as the first light of the morning shines on their path home, Van has a thought.

“Drake’s Mexican.”

  • These solo episodes have all been an amazing treat to not only give us a deeper look into the characters but they’ve also allowed the individual actors to shine as well. It’s been fun.
  • This was the first time we’ve seen Van since she and Earn split. She’s obviously still hurting over it. You wonder if Earn is as well but doing a better job of hiding it. That will be something to watch for as the season plays out.
  • After Michael Vick made a cameo in “Money Bag Shawty”, you had to wonder if maybe Drake would show up this week. Or better yet, would it be a Drake impersonator. Would that actually be better? Probably not. Forget I said it.