Hulu is going for it and adapting Joseph Heller’s sardonic novel Catch-22 as a miniseries, starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie.

The story centers on a U.S. Air Force WWII bombardier John Yossarian (to be played by Christopher Abbott), who is getting really tired of flying missions and risking his life. He tries desperately to get out of his military obligation, but if he does, he’ll be, as stated by THR, in “violation of a hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule that specifies that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers which are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind; a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity and therefore makes him ineligible to be relieved from duty.” Ah, yes, the “Catch-22.”

Laurie will play Major de Coverley, the squadron executive officer at the Pianosa air base, while Clooney, his first return to TV since his ER days, plays Col. Cathcart. Can’t wait for this.