The casting for the sequel It: Chapter Two sounds pretty spot-on so far.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James McAvoy and Bill Hader are now in talks to portray the adult versions of Bill Denbrough, the unofficial leader of the group, and the wisecracking Richie Tozier (played by Jaeden Lieberher and Finn Wolfhard, respectively, as kids). Already on board is Jessica Chastain as the adult Beverly Marsh (played by Sophia Lillis as a kid). By the way, this from Chastain says it all:

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The sequel will pick up years later with the Losers Club all grown up. Bill is a successful author, Richie’s a DJ, while Beverly finds herself in an abusive marriage. But they all soon discover Pennywise (who will once again be portrayed by Bill Skarsgard) was not completely vanquished by them as kids and has come back to terrorize their hometown. They all have to return to Derry, Maine, to kill the evil demon clown once and for all. There will be other flashbacks to the kids, so those young actors will be making another appearance as well.