Jane gets the shock of her life on the season finale of “Jane the Virgin.”

Jane has delivered a lot of telenovela-worthy twists in its four seasons, but truly, the one at the end of this finale may take the cake. Before we got there, though, there was Alba’s long-awaited citizenship ceremony to attend to. Jane, Xo, and Rogelio plan a truly epic surprise party for Alba complete with fireworks, and as it turns out, a surprise wedding. You see, at the party, Alba’s on-again-off-again love Jorge tells her that his mother is dying in Mexico, but he risks not being able to return to the U.S. if he goes to visit her. New citizen Alba, his platonic friend (sure, guys), offers to marry him. Naturally, Jane officiates, and Alba admits afterward that she does still have feelings for Jorge and hopes that their marriage can grow into something real.

While not helping out with the party, Xo and Rogelio deal with having River Fields as a house guest. She’s spending a week living with them so she can understand what it’s like to be married to Rogelio. She spends her time there messing up Alba’s name, spoiling surprises, and completely misunderstanding who Rogelio is. However, when Rogelio blows up at River over misspelling Alba’s name on her citizenship cake, Xo’s more than happy to enlighten her. She explains that Rogelio would do absolutely anything to make his family happy, leading River to later admit that she’d love to have someone in her family like that.

At the Marbella, Petra and J.R. have entered the true bliss phase of their relationship, exchanging “I love you”s and making plans to move in together. Petra is really and truly happy, though she admits to Rafael that she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it literally does. While playing dress up with the girls, J.R. finds the shoe from the night of Aneska’s murder and realizes that the heel has in fact been repaired. This leads J.R. to realize that Magda did see Petra commit the murder. When Petra gets home from Alba’s party, J.R. confronts her, and a teary-eyed Petra admits that Aneska threatened her kids, leading her to push her out the window.

J.R. says they’re through but clearly still has some feelings for Petra. At the very least, she doesn’t want to see her die, as evidenced by Krishna calling J.R. to tell her that she was merely a scapegoat for the real blackmailer, someone that wants Petra dead. J.R. races back up to Petra’s room to find Petra staring at an unknown assailant, we hear a gunshot, and…thank god, this time it’s “who did J.R. shoot?” instead of “who shot J.R.?” Can’t say I thought we’d get a Dallas reference on this show, but I’m ok with it.

Finally, Jane and Rafael start the episode ready to move in together, with Rafael telling a delighted Xo, Rog, and Alba that he also has plans to (gasp!) propose. After her family, plus River, drop a few hints, Jane puts together that tonight’s the night. She shows up at Raf’s dressed to the nines, only to find him partway through a bottle of scotch. He tells her he spoke with Rose, and he needs her to leave. She almost does, but then tells him that they’re partners and that means sticking together. Jane doesn’t make him tell her what Rose said but rather insists that it doesn’t matter who his parents are, nothing will change between them.

Rafael hems and haws for the entire episode over it, though he and Jane do end things in a great place despite his secret. He asks her to come to his apartment after the party, and she heads over thinking that the secret will probably be a rather small part of their evening, what with a proposal still on the table. The secret, it turns out, is pretty much the exact opposite of small. And it has a pretty big impact on a potential proposal. When Jane arrives at Raf’s, he opens the door, invites her in, and reveals a man with his back to Jane. The man turns around and…it’s Michael! Yes, Jane’s dead husband is somehow back from the dead, and unfortunately, we have to wait until October to figure out how.