Rogelio and River go head-to-head on this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”

This week’s hour focused on dreams, a Jane staple of sorts. At the start of the episode, Jane and Rafael follow up on last week’s decision to move in together by spending a couple of weeks saving. They soon have enough for a one bedroom apartment, at least until Mateo breaks a 4,000 antique at a flea market. Out of options, they decide to move back in with Alba so Raf can sublease his loft, even if it means they have to be a little sneaky about their alone time.

Things go pretty swimmingly until Rafael walks in on Alba spanking Mateo. This leads to a weeks-long fight between the two where Jane barely gets to see Rafael. Eventually, though, they make up, and Rafael takes a job as a realtor so he and Jane can afford their new place sooner rather than later. He also tells Jane that she’ll be able to go down to a couple of shifts a week, granting her more time to work on her new book.

Xo, meanwhile, recovers nicely from her mastectomy and starts chemo with a positive attitude. She even decides to use cold capswhich reduce hair lossand makes a new friend in cancer buddy Donna (the always excellent Amy Brenneman). However, after nine weeks pass, she’s understandably feeling less optimistic. She’s weaker than she was, feels awful, and learns that her new friend passed away unexpectedly. In a talk with Rogelio, she makes as much peace with it as she can, expressing her fears of dying, explaining that she’ll never really be able to put cancer behind her, and deciding to stop using the painful cold caps.

Xo also bookends the hour on a decidedly more fun note: watching telenovelas with River Fields. River spends the majority of the episode fighting Rogelio on his vision for Passions of Santos. Basically, she wants it to be less like a telenovela and more like an American soap opera. However, after actually watching a telenovela, she begins to respect them as a form and tells Rogelio to see his vision through.

Elsewhere, J.R. deposes Magda, hoping to catch her in a lie and get the D.A. to drop the charges on Petra. She’s successful but also second guesses Petra when Magda makes a suspicious comment. Petra’s hurt that J.R. would question herafter all, they’ve now graduated to “babe” status. However, J.R. then decides to come clean about being blackmailed, resulting in her disbarment and Petra’s charges being dropped forever. Petra can’t believe she’d do that for her, but J.R. assures her it was for her conscious as well.

Finally, as the narrator says this week, it wouldn’t be a telenovela without a classic Friday night cliffhanger. This episode, that cliffhanger comes from Rose, who tells Rafael she has information that will change his life forever.