Zelena’s past comes back to haunt her on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

We start things off in Oz, where a young Hansel and Gretel are trapped by a witch in her candy-covered home. Zelena appears in full Wicked Witch attire to drive the witch off her turf, but not before promising the children that she wouldn’t have helped them anyway. However, the Candy Witch quickly gets the upper hand and bests her rival. After collapsing in the woods, Zelena wakes up in the home of a kind blind man, Ivo, who’s oblivious to her skin color for obvious reasons. He tells her that he was in the woods searching for his missing children: Hansel and Gretel.

The two grow closer over time, though Zelena still feels guilty about leaving his kids behind. Eventually, she tells him she has to do something before they can continue their life together. She returns to the witch’s house to rescue Hansel and Gretel, though she steals the witch’s sight for her new love first. Once inside, she sees two empty cages, as well as a trail that leads straight to the fire. Distraught, she heads back to Ivo’s house to tell him the truth, only to find that an escaped Hansel and Gretel already did. Zelena tries to explain herself but loses it after Ivo refuses to forgive her, throwing the flask with the witch’s sight into the fire and burning Hansel for good measure.

In Hyperion Heights, Henry wakes up in Hansel’s apartment. Hansel tells him he needs Henry’s help to make his Aunt Zelena pay for the aforementioned burning. He also lays out their past in the Enchanted Forest, telling Henry about the moments they shared as friends. Henry pretends to know what he’s talking about, but clearly still believes that Hansel is delusional. Unperturbed, Hansel tells him that he believed he was Nick for a time too, at least until he got the results of his blood test. Hoping to bring Henry’s memory back the same way, he shows Henry the results that prove he’s Lucy’s father. Henry’s shocked, but still refuses to believe it, so Hansel leaves him behind.

At Roni’s, Regina returns from her “nature walk,” where she found the moss they need to save Henry, and Zelena fills her in on being targeted by the Candy Killer. She also admits that she misses her fiancé, Chad, revealing that the curse wasn’t much of a curse for her. She and Robin then head to the police station, where she asks for Rumple’s help. He takes her to his secret evidence lair, where he returns her magic necklace to her. She reminds him that she doesn’t have magic in Hyperion Heights, but he thinks it can still be of use to her.

With Robin safe at the police station, Zelena returns to Roni’s, where Regina promises that she won’t let anything happen to her big sis. Soon after, Zelena receives a call from Chad, who’s being held hostage by Hansel. She then sends Regina off on a wild goose chase to get her out of the way and goes to rescue Chad alone. After a couple of touch-and-go moments, she gets the upper hand on Hansel. However, she chooses to knock him out instead of killing him, showing how far she’s come in the process. She also tells Chad about her past—though she leaves out the fairy tale specifics—and he tells her he doesn’t care about her past; all he cares about is who she is now.

Afterward, Zelena says goodbye to Regina, who assures her that she can handle things in Hyperion Heights; Kelly deserves a bit of happiness, after all. Zelena also gifts Robin her green necklace, though “Margo” doesn’t know its importance yet. Robin elects to stay behind in Hyperion Heights, partly to see where things go with Alice, though not before she accepts Zelena’s request to be her maid of honor.

Elsewhere, Prince Naveen works with Sabine at the food truck, though their flirty banter takes a backseat when Dr. Facilier returns to remind Naveen of his debt. He instructs Naveen to learn Sabine’s secret recipe and then break her trust, noting that broken trust is a powerful thing. In this case, he sprinkles it over a voodoo doll. Afterward, he visits Hansel in prison and considers freeing him so he can kill Mother Gothel, but instead uses the doll to kill him.

Finally, Rogers keeps Jacinda in the loop regarding Henry, eventually using her help to locate him. After Hook rescues him, Henry heads to Jacinda’s, where he tells Jacinda and Lucy that he’s planning on sticking around.