Lucy and Dr. Facilier team up to save Henry on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

This week’s hour focused on Mother Gothel’s backstory, a depressing one even by Once’s standards. Over a thousand years ago, Gothel, a tree nymph, lives in a forest of sorts with her mother and sisters. She’s about due to take over the mantle of Mother of the Nymphs but finds herself drawn to humans. Her mother warns her that she can’t have both, but Gothel’s determined to find a way. She befriends a group of rich, young women who are excited about her magic instead of afraid of it. They even invite her to a party, provided she doesn’t mind teaching them something.

At the party, however, Gothel’s new friends lure her out to the greenhouse and dump dirt on her nice dress, calling her a freak. Gothel flees and returns home, only to discover that the wood has been destroyed and her family killed by the same humans who betrayed her. Enraged, she heads back to the party and uses her magic to kill almost every person there. However, she takes pity on one: a woman named Seraphina, who’s been hiding her own witchy powers. Gothel tells Seraphina that the two of them will start their own coven, searching realms for people like them. She also turns what remains of her home into the Land Without Magic and mentions that they will return there one day.

A couple thousand years later, in the Land Without Magic, Gothel approaches Tilly and reveals that she’s her mother. Tilly doesn’t want to believe it but confides in Rogers anyway. She and Rogers then go see Henry, who’s beginning to believe that his book may be real. He tells Tilly and Rogers that Gothel could very well be a witch and that they need to do everything they can to stop her from completing her coven. Unfortunately, Tilly and Rogers walk right into Gothel’s trap soon after and find themselves captured.

Gothel then tells Tilly that Rogers is her father—dropping family bombshells left and right this episode—and promptly threatens his life. She makes Tilly join the coven to help complete a spell, which they do in the episode’s final moments. Gothel also pays Margo a visit early on, stealing a prick of blood from her daughter’s new love, something that winds up in the spell.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Dr. Facilier work together to erase Henry’s curse, with Lucy egging him on by mentioning how much it would mean to Roni. Lucy first plants Cinderella’s slipper in a box of her things, which helps convince Jacinda that she really could be Cinderella. Facilier then takes that slipper, as well as Henry’s voodoo doll, and seemingly, removes the curse. Jacinda and Henry have been slowly convincing each other that Henry’s book could be real, and Jacinda eagerly shares news of the glass slipper. To seal the deal, they finally, finally share a kiss. However, as Lucy points out upon returning home, she doesn’t have her old memories back, so the curse remains unbroken.