Rumpelstiltskin seeks out the Guardian on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

This week’s hour begins in the Enchanted Forest, where Rumple stands at a shrine of sorts to lady love Belle. There, he’s able to talk to her, though he can’t hear what she says in return. In the midst of their one-sided conversation, Dr. Facilier shows up to introduce himself. He soon taunts Rumple, telling him that he can hear Belle, and she’s concerned about Rumple’s ability to stay good without her. Sure enough, Rumple notices a dark spot on his hand. Dr. Facilier’s convinced that Rumple will succumb eventually, and when he does, he’ll be there to claim the dagger.

Looking to speed things up, Rumple tries to pay Alice a visit, still hoping she may be the Guardian who can reunite him with Belle. He’s quickly intercepted by protective dad Hook but returns later on. Even though Hook told her to be wary of him, Rumple convinces Alice he knows a witch with a cure for her dad’s poisoned heart. She believes him, though for Rumple it’s simply a test to see if she’s pure enough of heart to be the Guardian.

Said witch is, of course, Dr. Facilier, and Rumple tells Alice that all she needs to do is crush his heart to save her father’s. An eye for an eye, as it were. Despite Robert Carlyle slipping back into his best creepy Rumple voice, Alice manages to say no, apologetically shoving Facilier’s heart back into his chest on her way out. Rumple runs after her and sort of apologizes for tricking her, reasoning that it was the only way to know if she could be the Guardian. In a true sign of her goodness, she forgives him immediately.

They two head back to Belle’s, where Rumple finally hears her voice. Alice prepares to become the Guardian, but Rumple realizes that he can’t burden someone else with immortality. Moved, Alice vows to take Belle’s place and see the good in him. Soon after, Rumple and Hook talk again, though this time the two reach a truce, perhaps even something bordering on friendship.

In Hyperion Heights, Rumple and Rogers head in to interrogate Hansel, only to find him dead. And after finding a pin on the floor, Rumple has a pretty good idea who did it. In true Rumple fashion, he’s less concerned about the murder and more concerned about his dagger. He heads to the evidence locker and finds that, as he suspected, it’s missing. He betrays Regina to find out where it is, stealing the only magic she has to do a locator spell. He’s shocked to realize it’s not Samdi who has it, but rather Tilly, who heard a voice all day but had no idea it was coming from the dagger in her backpack. You were guarding it, Rumple realizes.

His dagger may be safe, but Rumple doesn’t leave the episode unscathed. After discovering her missing magic, Regina pays him a visit, telling him that he knew she needed that magic to save Henry. And with this latest betrayal, they’re over.

Henry, meanwhile, spends the hour in search of the paternity test that Hansel showed him. First, he heads to the station hoping that Rogers will let him talk to Hansel. After Rogers admits that Hansel’s dead, he lets Henry tag along to Hansel’s apartment to look for the paper there. He does find it, and after the hospital confirms its validity, he brings it up to Jacinda. Even though he has no idea how it’s possible, he thinks that Lucy’s been right all this time: he really is her father.

Finally, in one of the sweetest storylines of the season, Alice and Robin begin dating in both the Enchanted Forest and Hyperion Heights. In the Forest, Alice is the worldly one, telling Robin about the many realms she’s traveled to. Fresh from Storybrooke, Robin’s slightly envious, though Alice helps her see the value in at-home adventures. In Hyperion Heights, however, Margo’s the one who’s traveled the world, while Tilly’s never left the Heights. The two still find ways to connect, with Tilly showing Margo her beloved bookstore, explaining that she visits everywhere in the world from one shelf. I know it’s not going to happen, but I can’t be the only one who would watch a spinoff with these two, right?