ATLANTA Robbin’ Season — “Crabs in a Barrel” — Season Two, Episode 11 (Airs Thursday, May 10, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Donald Glover as Earnest Marks. CR: Curtis Baker/FX

Robbin’ Season has been tough on Earn. Already homeless, we’ve watched him lose his girlfriend and his dignity — not to mention copious amounts of cash (thank you, strip club!). What’s left but to lose his gig as Alfred’s manager? It’s a relationship that’s been hanging by the most tenuous of threads all season long.

When you’re already on the brink of being fired, it’s probably not wise to show up late to an important meeting … especially when it’s your day to take care of your daughter. Alas, it’s hard being Earn. It’s even harder when your hymnal-humming Uber driver ignores her GPS and gets you lost on the way.

The important part is that Earn and Alfred are meeting with an entertainment lawyer, someone to look over contracts. This guy comes highly recommended. He has some celebrity clients. Like that one rapper that had that one song that was hot for about 30 minutes. Or half the cast of Love and Hip Hop. That sort of clientele doesn’t appeal to Alfred. Neither does the fact that Mr. Lawyer is not Jewish. That part bothers Alfred a lot.

In happier news, the gang is going on a European tour with Clark County! It would be better if Paper Boi was the headliner. But what are you gonna do?

One thing to do is move out of the hood. Alfred’s place is all boxed up and ready to go. Earn shows up with the truck to find one of the movers drinking beers in front of the house. Not exactly confidence-inspiring. One thing that’s not packed up is the golden gun Earn got from his uncle waaaaay back in “The Alligator Man”. Alfred tells his cousin to get rid of it for good. Earn stashes it in his backpack as he tries to roust Alfred and Darius to get packed for their trip.

Oh, by the way, Darius’ passport is expired. That’s a problem. Good thing Darius knows about a place that will do same day replacements. They’ll certainly have to do that after…


Earn and Van sit down to walk with Lottie’s teacher. As it turns out, their daughter is gifted and already advanced well ahead of the other kids in her class. And as luck would have it, there’s a spot open in a great private Pre-K class coming up this fall. Lottie should totally apply. Which sounds great, except for, y’know, the money part. Why couldn’t Lottie stay where she currently was?

“This school is awful,” the teacher blurts out before going on to compare the place to a slaughterhouse. “If I see a steer smart enough to get out, I leave the gate open.” Yikes.

Private school won’t be in the offing for Lottie but it did give her parents a chance to bask in the glow of having a talented child. Though the bask was awkward indeed. Van still isn’t over Earn and try as he might to hide it, Earn misses her as well. The awkwardness melts when Earn says goodbye to his daughter, sharing a tender moment in the back of the car.

Hopefully, that calmed Earn’s nerves because moments later, he was in a state of bewildered anger at seeing two random kids in the house playing video games. School was out and their dad is one of the movers so they were just hanging out. Speaking of the movers, they’ve taken a late lunch instead of, y’know, moving. Earn offers them extra cash if they get back to work because he has to take Darius to get a new passport.

That takes them to an office populated mostly by Jewish people. This particular office has a niche clientele — catering to rappers who forget about their passports until the last minute. For the low, low price of $350, you can have a brand new passport in about two hours. Plus, the guy at the counter might recommend his cousin, who’s an entertainment lawyer. The guy at the counter concedes that there are black lawyers out there who are just as good as his cousin but black lawyers don’t have all of the same connections for … “systemic reasons.”

If that was a bit of cold water splashed onto Earn’s face, the text message he got was a straight up punch in the stomach. Van says she might be moving back to her mom’s and taking Lottie with her. In addition to everything else Earn has lost this season, it looks like he could lose his daughter as well. In that case, he needs to know from Darius…

Is Alfred firing him?

With all things Darius, there are no easy answers but they’re often wise. Darius tells Earn that he’s learning and sometimes learning means failing. But Earn can’t fail with Alfred’s life. Regardless, nothing will happen until after the tour. Alfred wants to help his cousin see the world.

Earn would prefer to hear that from the Paper Boi’s mouth. Alfred doesn’t want to talk, saying they’ll chat when the plane lands in Europe. In the meantime, to the airport! On their way to the gate, the trio runs into Clark County and his manager, Lucas. Knowing they’re all late, Earn hustles the group over to the security line.

Bags on belt. Belts and shoes off. Separate electronics into bins. Take one last check in your backpack to see…

Oh no.

He forgot.

The gun.

It could all be over. Earn, who’s still on probation, could go back to jail and do some real time this time around. There is certainly no way he’d be able to stay on as Alfred’s manager. He really would finally be robbed of everything. Unless he can think quickly. He grabs an extra bin and … gets his backpack through the x-ray machine. Although, he urges Alfred and Darius to move quickly. Good thing, too, since a TSA agent is loudly wanting to know who belongs to a certain bag.

On the plane, Alfred decides he wants to talk. He saw what Earn did. He saw Earn looking out for him. Alfred acknowledges that no one is looking out for black folks in general or him in particular. But he knows that his family will always look out for him. Earn is family and he knows what Alfred is about better than anyone. And that’s why Alfred wants to keep him around. He needs Earn. Earn’s place is safe.

As for Lucas, things aren’t so safe for him. Clark County says his manager got picked up by the cops for stashing a golden gun in his bag. Clark seemed a little jealous of how cool it looked. Kinda wished it was his. Too bad for Luke, though.

“The piece was in Clark’s bag,” whispers Earn. Once again Clark County proves to be a scoundrel. La sangre es más espesa que el agua.

One last thing … Tracy is back at the house and trying to get in. Too bad no one’s coming back It’s got Tracy banging on the door and hollering like Fred Flintstone after Dino puts him out. Good luck to you, Tracy. Good luck.

  • Earn and Alfred’s relationship has been to hell and back this season. Through it all, this season ends where the show all began — two guys without much more than each other trying to figure out how to get money.
  • Nominally, this season finale was a single-episode but it felt so much more like the conclusion of a two-part episode after the preamble that was “FUBU”.
  • I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Darius wanting to know if he could pay for his passport with a Rush Card.
  • We spent so much time wondering what Season 2 of Atlanta could have in store. It continued Season 1’s wonderfully weird storytelling style while simultaneously delving deeper into the characters and the culture and society they live in. I’d ask what we could see in Season 3 but at this point I’d rather just shut up and enjoy the ride. So I’ll do that here. This has been fun. Let’s do it again soon, eh?