Regina unlocks a huge twist on this week’s episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

At the top of this week’s episode, we visit a place we haven’t seen in a while: Storybrooke! There, Henry is still (relatively) young and thus living with Regina. In fact, Henry’s doting mother insists on making one last growth mark on the wall before he heads off for his last first day of school. Clearly keen on achieving “cool mom” status, Regina gifts Henry a car, reasoning he can use it to get back and forth from the local university. To her surprise, though, he’s setting his sights a bit further from home.

As graduation approaches, Henry gets into all of his chosen colleges, though that actually makes him less excited to leave Storybrooke. As he explains to Regina, he didn’t write about the real Henry Mills in any of his entrance essays, forced to leave out the parts about Neverland, Camelot, etc. He feels like Storybrooke may be the only place he can truly be himself. His mom reassures him that, much as she would love for him to never grow up, he may need to see what else is out there, and he’ll have her support if he does. Henry remains undecided until the night of graduation but more on that later…

In Hyperion Heights, Tilly and Rogers are still under Gothel’s thumb, with Tilly having just joined the witches to save Rogers. The witches begin Gothel’s spell just as Rogers pulls free of his bonds. He tries to get Tilly to come with him, but already caught in the spell, she’s forced to stay behind. Rogers promises to come back for her and turns to Weaver for help. After a frank talk with the former crocodile, Rogers comes around to the idea of the curse. Plus, seeing the Coven of Eight up close and personal certainly didn’t hurt. The two then recruit Margo, thinking that she might be the one to bring Tilly out of it. Instead, Tilly casts her lady love away, even shrinking Rogers and Weaver for good measure.

Meanwhile, after Lucy tells Regina that true love’s kiss didn’t work, the two try with increasing desperation to make Henry believe. They first go for a potion, to no avail, then ask Henry to touch the storybook, which also doesn’t work. Afterward, Lucy runs away, while Regina begs Henry to keep trying, telling him that they need his belief. Henry tells Regina how much he wants to believe, that he wants to be more than a sad adult who couldn’t save his family. He also questions why, if the book is real, the so-called heroes (Emma, Snow, Charming, etc.) aren’t looking for them.

Regina then drops one of the season’s bigger bombshells and explains that Gothel didn’t only take them to a place without magic but also back in time. She and young Henry are still living in Storybrooke with everyone else, which explains why no one knows they’re missing. In a last ditch effort to convince him, Regina gives Henry the photo of the two of them, along with his adoption papers. Back at his apartment, Henry spots the phone number at the top of the paper and calls it. On the other end is…

Henry, getting ready for his graduation back in Storybrooke. Upon hearing the voice of his younger self, adult Henry’s memories come flooding back to him. He even recovers enough to give his younger self some advice about following his heart. He also reminds him to open every last graduation gift, including the small one that fell behind the dresser. When young Henry opens it, he finds a magic bean, presumably the same bean that took him to the Enchanted Forest at the start of the season.

Regina, of course, has no idea that this has transpired, all she knows is that she may never see her Henry again. With nothing to lose, she goes after Gothel on her own. Not exactly terrified of Mama Mills’ baseball bat, Gothel quickly tosses her aside, knocking her out in the process. Fresh off reuniting with Lucy, Henry shows up and rushes to his mother’s side, begging her to stay with him. Tears streaming down his face, he kisses her on the forehead, waking her up and breaking the curse. So, it turns out true love’s kiss did do the trick, just not in the way we were expecting.

Soon after waking up, Alice, Hook, Rumple, and Robin join Henry and Regina to face off with Gothel. After Regina’s newly returned magic isn’t enough, everyone encourages Alice to use her good magic against her mother’s evil. Bolstered by their support, Alice turns Gothel into a beautiful tree, hoping something good can come from her mother’s awful life.

Finally, Ella, Tiana, and Naveen are all together when the curse breaks, with Tiana and Naveen sharing a sweet reunion. Ella, meanwhile, rushes off to reunite with Henry and Lucy. As the heroes celebrate, Rumple steals away to look for his photo album but finds it’s missing. He finds it at Facilier’s place and confronts him. However, Rumple can’t bring himself to kill his enemy so close to pictures of his beloved wife. Instead, Facilier’s stabbed from behind by Wish Realm Rumpelstiltskin, queuing up one last villain for the two-part series finale.