Our heroes meet an unexpected villain in part one of the “Once Upon a Time” series finale.

Once Upon a Time kicked off its two-night series finale in classic Once fashion: with a visit to the Enchanted Forest. There, still-young Henry is just a beat too late to wake a sleeping princess with a kiss. Instead, the princess skips off with another, casually telling him that Henry is “like the brother I never had.” Ouch! As Henry heads off on his own, Wish Realm Rumple appears, promising the young hero a happy ending. Luckily, Henry’s come a long way since his gullible Peter Pan days and knows an offer from Rumpelstiltskin comes with a price.

In Hyperion Heights, everyone celebrates breaking the curse at Roni’s. Afterward, Henry, Ella, and Lucy have a party of their own, complete with very familiar cupcakes. But, just as the three blow out their candles, Ella and Lucy vanish. Wish Rumple shows up then with an offer, this time for adult Henry: hand over our Rumple’s dagger or watch his family die. Henry immediately goes for help, recruiting Regina, Rumple, and Hook. With Hook’s help, they locate Alice’s mirror, which will transport them to the Wish Realm. Unfortunately, Wish Rumple cracked the mirror’s glass, so when they enter the Wish Realm, Henry and Regina land in Rumple’s castle, while Hook and Rumple come out at his old house.  

At the castle, mother and son run into Wish Rumple’s prisoners: his father, Peter Pan, and known animal lover Cruella de Vil. After Henry bests the latter in a sword fight, she begrudgingly directs them to the basement. There, they find Ella and Lucy trapped in a snow globe, where they will remain unless Henry hands over Rumple’s dagger. Hook and Rumple, meanwhile, get an unwelcome trip down memory lane when they end up in the very houseor at least the Wish version of itwhere Rumple hobbled himself to avoid the Ogre Wars. Hook takes a trip down memory lane as well, though a slightly friendlier one. He takes Rumple to his old friend Ariel, who gives them something that may help defeat Wish Rumple.

Afterward, the heroes meet up at Rumple’s castle, and Regina and Rumple head off to take on Wish Rumple. Rumple leaves a bit ahead of Regina and briefly gets the upper hand on his worse half using Ariel’s squid ink. Unfortunately—or maybe, fortunately, I guess—Regina shows up before he can kill him. Wish Rumple makes his escape, but first tells them that he didn’t go after Henry’s family because of the dagger. Rather, it’s because of the prophecy from way back in season one, which said that the boy would be his undoing. The boy, apparently, being Henry.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Henry and Hook search for a spell to free Ella and Lucy. Henry soon finds a solution but knocks Hook out before he goes off to try it, reasoning that Hook would never let him do it. As it turns out, he was probably right: Henry’s idea is to recover the Author’s pen and write his family out of their situation. After proving that he truly is an Author, Henry earns the use of the pen and heads back to the castle.

There, he’s confronted with his younger self or at least a version of him. You see, what appeared to be flashbacks to our Henry in the Enchanted Forest were actually flashbacks to Wish Realm Henry. And Wish Henry, it turns out, ended up taking Rumple up on his deal. As Hook, Regina, and Rumple return to the castle, Wish Rumple hands the pen off to Wish Henry, who promptly writes the first line of a new story: “The powers of the Guardian are no more.” After thoroughly devastating Rumple with that beginning, Wish Rumple makes Hook, Henry, and his doppelganger disappear, leaving only Regina behind. When she questions why she’s the only one left, Wish Henry is happy to remind her that she killed his grandparents. He then explains his end of the deal with Wish Rumple: finally getting his revenge.

Lastly, back in Hyperion Heights, Alice senses that something is wrong with the others in the Wish Realm. She and Robin recruit Tiana, who’s been feeling a little out of touch with her royal self, and convince her to give a rousing speech to rally the troops. She asks if anyone has something magical that can get Alice and Robin to the Wish Realm and sure enough, a man steps forward with a magic bean. The twosome borrow Tiana’s truck to take through the portal, though they have to make a quick stop first: Storybrooke!