Everyone gets their version of a happy ending on the series finale of “Once Upon a Time.”

Seven seasons of twists and turns, complicated relationships, and journeys to many a realm, it finally came down to this. At the start of the hour, Robin and Alice arrive in Storybrooke looking for help to save Henry, Ella, and the others. They roll up to Granny’s, only to find that strangers aren’t treated with quite the respect citizens are. Luckily, Robin quickly spots her Aunt Regina’s car and reasons that she’ll be able to help them. They quickly learn, though, that Regina and Emma are off on a graduation trip with Henry, so Zelena and then five-year-old Robin are behind the wheel. Impressively, that’s not even close to the episode’s craziest time twist.

Zelena’s understandably wary of the two at first, but Robin uses details from their life togethersuch as how much her mom hates drivingto prove her identity. Zelena then heads to the Wish Realm with Alice and Robin to save the day. And we soon learn, she doesn’t come alone.

In the Wish Realm, Wish Henry takes Regina to the very church where she broke up Snow and Charming’s wedding all those years ago. Still bitter about his grandparents, he tells her that he plans on killing her the next day. She tries to reason with him, explaining that he can still choose to be good, but he sends her to the caves below the castle instead. There, Regina has a beautiful reunion (of sorts) with true love Robin when he appears to her in a dream. She wakes to see that Henry has come to rescue her, but he’s soon bogged down by two of the palace guards. Luckily, two more masked guards come to his aid. After the fight, they take their masks off to reveal…Snow and Charming!

Meanwhile, Ella, Lucy, Henry, Rumple, and Hook remain trapped in the snow globe, though it does have a rather cozy cabin. After trying to break the glass for a time, Rumple and Hook spot Maui’s hooksent there by Zelenaand use it to break free. In the process, Rumple realizes that he no longer has his powers, thanks to Wish Henry’s work as the Author. Soon after, everyone reunites around the same table where Snow and Charming did some of their best planning back in the day and decide that they need to let the rest of the kingdom know what’s going on.

You see, it’s more than just Regina’s life at stake. Wish Henry and Rumple figure out that they can use her blood as Author’s ink, so Wish Rumple comes up with a particularly nefarious plan: use Regina’s death to send characters from all realms into their own separate books, completely cut off from those they love. Snow gives one last hope speech to the group, telling them that even if that happens, they still have to believe. Rumple, however, thinks he has a plan to stop it.

He travels with Hook, Alice, and Robin to Wish Rumple’s house and finds a small bottle of magic there. He uses it to light his hand, though Wish Rumple shows up before he can do anything with it. Simultaneously, Wish Henry tracks down Regina in the forest, and they begin to fight. As Regina’s life hangs in the balance, Wish Rumple creates portals for his enemies to their respective books, with Hook overtaxing his heart in his quest to save Alice from hers. Regina, meanwhile, loses her battle completely, though she tells Wish Henry that believing in him is a fitting end for her. Moved, Wish Henry drops the sword and hugs her instead.

This makes the portals at Wish Rumple’s house vanish, though Hook is still dying from the damage to his heart. Wanting to save his friend and recognizing that it’s the only way to stop the evil version of himself, Rumple uses the magic in his hand to remove his own heart and give it to Hook. After a sweet goodbye from everyone, including long-time mentee/friend Regina, Rumple reunites with Belle in the afterlife. And of course, she’s wearing a certain yellow dress.

With the final villain defeated, Regina comes up with a plan: let’s unite all of the realms and bring them to Storybrooke, so no one ever has to be alone again. Some time laterthey had to get one last indefinite time card in thereit’s clear that she did just that, as we see castles and forests mixed with Granny’s, Gold’s Shop, etc. At that point, Regina’s whisked away to Snow and Charming’s castle by both versions of Henry who refuse to tell her what the occasion is. As it turns out, it’s her coronation. As a beaming Snow tells her former step-mother, the realms all decided that they want Regina to be their queen, this time with the title “Good.” It doesn’t get much more full-circle than that.

Oh, and of course Emma and regular Hook were there! With a great callback to the first episode, the two busted in with newborn baby Hope, Emma echoing Regina’s famous line: “Sorry I’m late.” Afterward, when Emma congratulates Regina on her happy ending, the new queen makes a point to say it’s not a happy ending but rather a happy beginning. Not too shabby of an end for a show about hope.