The latest Venom trailer is another action-packed look at the upcoming Sony film.

It shows more of Tom Hardy’s performance as investigative reporter Eddie Brock, who it tracking down a story about secret experiments with some sort of black gooey alien matter, found by scientist Riz Ahmed. Clearly, Ahmed is playing the bad guy, so that should be fun. Also featured is Michelle Williams as Brock’s love interest and Jenny Slate as someone Brock aligns with to try and find the truth.

Well, the truth is, the black goo they found is an alien Symbiote, who can infect a host and turn him into a truly frightening creature with big-ass sharp teeth. Brock is, of course, infected and now he and this thing residing in his body, who talks to him, have to come to terms on how to use the newfound power. The end of the trailer gives us the money shot – Venom’s true face.

Watch the trailer!