The Spy Who Dumped Me is the best alternative for those who’ve grown tired of the guy’s club spy movies of Mission Impossible – Fallout and The Bourne Identity. This buddy action vehicle stars Mila Kunis as Audrey, the down-on-her-luck employee at Organic Geoff’s (which looks suspiciously like Trader Joe’s) whose handsome boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux) has just dumped her. Kate McKinnon plays her gal pal Morgan, whom Drew has dubbed “too much to handle”. Audrey’s world is turned upside down when the dreamy Sebastian (Outlander hunk Sam Heughan) shows up in her check out line only to whisks her to a van parked outside, telling her that he’s an MI5 operative. He claims that her ex is a spy, and possesses something of great value due to his position.

A stunned Audrey makes her way back to her apartment where she meets up with Morgan. When Drew shows up at the apartment, followed by a team of assassins, he instructs Audrey to carry the secretive object to Austria and to trust no one. The two women are thrust into the dangerous spy games that are only made in the movies as they make their way to Austria to deliver the secretive item to a mysterious third party.

Susanna Fogel’s film has fun with its genre and is a slick action movie. All the troupes can be seen here: Look for the Jason Bourne lookalike (Justin Theroux), the debonair James Bond type (Sam Heughan), the “Odd Job” henchman assassin (Ivanna Sakhno), and the mission’s head bitch in charge (Gillian Anderson). Top that off with the ordinary man, or in this case women, in extraordinary circumstances. Not to mention it’s a violent ride for its audience. With so many action movies softened in this day and age it’s refreshing to see the filmmakers come out quite literally with punches thrown, and guns ablaze leaving a PG-13 rating in the rearview mirror. In what could have been a tired rehash of the genre it’s one of the more unexpected good times at the movies that’s been released this summer.

The comic timing of both Kunis and McKinnon is perfection. Kunis who’s struggled with finding a proper vehicle the past few years fits perfectly into the role of an unlikely action hero, more so here than in 2015’s Jupiter Ascending. McKinnon who has a knack for walking away with every supporting role she’s given is a delight as the kooky Morgan. (Look for cameos by Jane Curtin and Paul Reiser playing McKinnon’s parents). Hopefully, this will lead to McKinnon being the leader of her own comedy. She’s more than proved she’s the real deal and can carry her own. Her showdown with the gymnast assassin Nadedja is pure comedy gold.

As someone who’s always a sucker for any movie with women getting along, and I love to see an action movie that’s very female driven. Will The Spy Who Dumped Me break any new ground with women in film? Probably not, but it’s an entertaining ride that’s pure summer movie escapism.