As far as horror-comedy sequels go, Happy Death Day 2U gives fans of the original Blumhouse surprise hit just want they need — a killer good-time sequel we didn’t know we wanted.

It’s understood that many may be thrown off by the film’s redundancy, but it’s the synergy between the absurdity and creativity that makes writer-director Christopher Landon’s franchise so amusing to its cult following.

How is he going to make this work with such a repetitive plot for close to two hours? Well, leave it to Landon to throw in every creative Easter-egg he could and a sci-fi twist to boot. Landon unexpectedly picks right back up where our sorority girl protagonist, Tree (Jessica Rothe), left off, after she had just ended her endless cycle of doom.

Only this time, it’s her friends that get stuck in the murderous time loop and Tree has to try to save them, which, as Tree quickly learns, is no easy feat. Not because of a cosmic reason, but because her friends (who are apparently incredibly talented computer-engineering students) built a “multi-verse” machine that transports them into different dimensions where they all exist yet differ in many ways. Didn’t see that coming, did ya?

Another fascinating surprise about Happy Death Day 2U is that it successfully manages to strike an emotional chord, which, lucky for us, allows us to see the verisimilitude of Rothe. She proves in this sequel that she can carry a film even if it lacks true depth or substance.

Since the dimensions offer alternative realities, everyone’s relationships and lives are different. Landon brilliantly uses this plot twist to push the boundaries of this hybrid genre and fuel it with an emotional charge.

While some movie-goers may get over the déjà vu-effect relatively fast, others will surely find humor in the production’s ingenious effort. Either way, no one is going to leave Happy Death Day 2U in a bad mood.