Most people, regardless if students or employees, would consider watching TV a great stress-reliever. Aside from being convenient, watching your favorite shows on TV can be cheap and doesn’t require too much preparation. As long as you have access to a reputable website such as OnTVTonight to know what show is on, you’re good to go!

But on the other side of the coin, having to choose what TV show to watch can become a burden, especially if all of these are up to your alley. You’ll be overwhelmed with the options available that you’ll be clueless on what to watch during your TV watching night.

To make this process easier for you, make use of these tips when choosing what to watch on TV when there are so many good things on:

  1. Read reviews from experts or fellow viewers.


If you’re completely clueless on what TV show to watch soon, take the time to read reviews from experts or fellow viewers online. There are a handful of websites today which you can use for this purpose. All of the information you’ll read in these resources can give you an unbiased review of the TV show you’re planning to watch –from the quality of the actors, down to the overall direction of the show.

All you have to do is type in the show name and “review” to any of your search engines. You’ll be bombarded with reviews from reputable entertainment websites or well-participated online forums.

Although these resources are free. As you’re surfing through the web, remember to be careful not to open any spoilers. This can take away the excitement of watching a new TV show.


  1. Watch trailers to get a better idea of the show’s plot, story, and tone.


Different people have different preferences when it comes to the TV show they want to watch. While some would prefer action and spine-tingling horror shows, others are more interested in watching comedy shows.

If you want to find the best TV show that matches your interests, watch trailers online. Trailers will give you a better idea of what the TV show is all about and if, whether or not, the reviews you’ve read were accurate.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to read through the comment section of the video to check if viewers commented on how the trailers were misleading. The more information you have about a particular TV show, the easier it is for you to decide what to watch.


  1. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family.


If you know someone from your own social circle who shares the same interest when it comes to TV shows, go ahead and ask them for recommendations. If you don’t have any idea on what TV show to watch, ask them what they would recommend for you. In the same way, if you already shortlisted several options, ask if they’ve already seen these shows and ask about their two cents.

Since you personally know these people, you can be at ease knowing that their recommendations are accurate and suitable for your interests.


  1. Look for recommendations based on the TV shows you’ve watched before.


Netflix and Amazon Prime are among the many streaming websites that can provide recommendations based on the previous shows you’ve watched before. They’ll provide recommendations which rely on the niche of the TV shows you’ve seen in the past. You can always use these recommendations or use the internet to expand your options.

You can type in “TV shows to watch if you like (insert the last TV show you loved watching)” and be ready to receive many options. Expect that blogs, websites, and other online platforms will redirect you to a TV show based on the genre you’ve enjoyed in the past.


  1. Take an online quiz to find for shows which you never knew even existed.


If you want to start with a clean slate, consider taking an online quiz to decide what TV show to watch. You can type in “What TV show should I watch next?” in your search engine and take quizzes which will usually be on top of the search engine result pages.

While some recommendations might be out of this world, others might actually be worth watching. These quizzes might even open your interests to another niche, which you actually disliked before.

Take It Up A Notch


Along with choosing the best TV show to watch, consider giving out invites, distributing goody bags, and dressing up according to a theme for your next TV watching night. If you have the time and effort, decorate the entire area with printable or DIY projects, as well. You’ll be surprised how these small things can improve everyone’s TV watching experience!