Taking an unconventional approach to raising awareness about threats to the Amazon rainforest, the Globo and Maria Farinha Films co-production Aruanas is a Brazilian environmental thriller about three idealistic female friends who set up an NGO called Aruana that investigates the suspect activities of a mining company operating in the Amazon rainforest. It will debut in over 150 countries, subtitled in 11 different languages, on July 2 on aruanas.tv, a platform powered by Vimeo.

Greenpeace served as a technical collaborator and MFF was responsible for the social impact of the campaign garnering support from UN Environment along with other NGOs around the world, including Amnesty International, WWF, Global Witness, UN Women, Open Society Foundations, Instituto Betty & Jacob Lafer, Rainforest Foundation and more. Its mission is to warn against the global environmental crisis and promote the appreciation and protection of the extraordinary work of activists.

Sustainability was not just the subject of Aruanas, but a core value for its production. Globo TV and Maria Farinha Films, the first production company in Brazil to receive a B Corp certification, reduced the size of the crew and equipment, used the blockchain platform ZCO2 to neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions generated during the production of the series and recycled and reused costumes.

Aruanas was written by Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti with the collaboration of Pedro Barros.  Carlos Manga Jr. directed along with Renner.  In keeping with its theme of female empowerment and inclusion, 47% of the Aruanas crew were female and 33.8% of the actors used in the series lived in the Amazonian rainforest region.  The series stars Débora Falabella, Leandra Leal and Taís Araújo.

“Our priority in Aruanas was to create moments in which the personal dramas of the character would at times merge with the pursuit of an ideal, sometimes get in the way and at others save them,” said Renner. Added Nisti, “There is nothing more powerful to represent Earth, than female protagonism through the eyes of the leading characters.”

Produced in Portuguese, Aruanas will be subtitled in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish and Korean when it debuts on aruanas.tv. The entire 10 episode series will be available for purchase for $12.90 U.S.  From July to October, 50% of the online sales will be donated to an initiative designed to protect the Amazon rainforest.  In Brazil, the first episode will be aired on Globo, the largest free-to-air TV channel in Brazil, reaching 100 million viewers a day and then on Globoplay, the streaming platform of the Globo Group. The first episode will also be made available on Globo’s international channels to its four million subscribers.

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