The Oracle certificates validate the knowledge and skills of candidates regarding Oracle technologies and products. The credentials offered through the Oracle certification path are awarded based on the combination of a number of factors. They include training, performance-based assignment, and passing specific exams. It is important to mention that the factors associated with each certificate differ. It is dependent on the certification level. No doubt, the Oracle credentials are substantial yardsticks of expertise and experience that give the professionals the career edge required to stand out of the crowd in the job marketplace.

Overview of Oracle Certification Path

There are basically six levels of Oracle credentials. They are:

  1. Oracle Certified Associate – OCA
  2. Oracle Certified Junior Associate – OCJA
  3. Oracle Certified Professional – OCP
  4. Oracle Certified Expert – OCE
  5. Oracle Certified Master –OCM
  6. Oracle Certified Specialist – OCS

These certifications cover nine technology pillars and can be further divided into product groupings and product family. The credentials can also be defined based on a job role. You can find the complete details of this on the official Oracle website. In this certification guide, we will look at the target for the six levels of the Oracle certificates.

Oracle Certified Junior Associate: The OCJA certification is a fundamental-level credential that is aimed at secondary school students, two-year and four-year college students, university students, and faculty members who learn computer science and foundational Java classes.

Oracle Certified Associate: The OCA credential is the entry-level certification and it is a prerequisite for attaining Oracle Certified Professional. It equips the candidates with the fundamental skills in Oracle technologies and provides strong foundation required to support Oracle products.

Oracle Certified Professional: The OCP certification is based on the foundational skills validated by OCA. The specialists with the Oracle Certified Professional credential have the command of specific scope of the Oracle technology and they display high level of skills and knowledge in the particular area. The OCP certification is usually used by the IT managers to measure the qualifications of potential and current employees.

Oracle Certified Master: The OCM credential identifies the highest level of proven abilities, demonstrated knowledge, and skills. The professionals with this certificateare equipped with the competences required to proffer answers to the most complex questions and provide solutions to the most complicated problems within their scope. To earn the Oracle Certified Master certification, the students have to pass some rigorous performance-based exams.

Oracle Certified Expert: The OCE certification validates the competence of a candidate in specific, niche-oriented technologies, domains, or architectures. The certificates under this expert level are independent of Oracle’s conventional OCA, OCP, and OCM levels. However, they are built on the skills and knowledge proven as OCA or OCP. The competencies evaluated under the expert program cover foundational skills up to the mastery of more advanced Oracle technologies.

Oracle Certified Specialist: The OCS certifications are basically hands-on, implementation-oriented credentials designed for the employees of Oracle partners. It is important to mention that the credentials are open to all candidates, irrespective of whether they are partners or not. The certificates are built upon highly focused skill sets or products and offer a solid evaluation of a professional’s expertise level in a specific area.

Prerequisites for Earning Oracle Certifications

Oracle awards different credentials for diverse Oracle products and services. The candidates have the opportunity to opt for the specific certificate they want to earn, and they are required to follow the specific prerequisites for the certification. These requirements for earning an Oracle credential may include completing training, passing an exam administered by Pearson VUE, submitting some course verification forms, or earning a prerequisite certificate.

Before one takes an Oracle certifications exam, it is required that he or she creates a Pearson VUE account and validates his/ her Cert View account. To write the test, a person will have to purchase the exam voucher from Oracle University, an authorized Oracle partner, or pay directly to Pearson VUE, without the voucher. Irrespective of your mode or method of exam payment, you would have to register for the test on the Pearson VUE official website. The individuals are required to have two valid means of identification, with both having their signature. One of the valid IDs must be government-issued and one must contain a photo. It is important to emphasize that an exam voucher is valid for a period of six months. After this period, you will have to forfeit it and there will be no refund.

Preparation Options for Oracle Certification Exams

The exam candidates may prepare for their Oracle tests by going through prep seminars and participating in training provided by Oracle University. They can also prepare by taking practice tests available at the PrepAway website. Generally, you have to pass at least one exam to earn your certification. However, some credentials require that you pass at least two tests. In addition to passing an exam, some certificates require that the students participate in training offered by Oracle. In case onedoesn’t pass an Oracle test, he/she will have to wait for a period of 14 days to retake it. You have to pay for the second attempt in full.

There are some certification levels that build upon each other. For instance, theOCP credential requires that you have OCA, and the OCM certification requires OCP. However, theOCE and OCS certificates do not have any requirements.


Oracle has developed several certifications that are globally accepted. Therefore, it offers difficult tests to prove your knowledge. The candidates preparing for any of these exams must be ready to go through a rigorous study and preparation process to be able to increase their chance of success. PrepAway has numerous preparation resources that will significantly improve your level in any Oracle certification test.

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